London Demo Wednesday 1st July!

Thought I’d mention it here as I’d hijacked anne-marie’s thread (sorry hinny).

All the info is here:

There’s a meeting arranged at the Ace Cafe for 1530hrs and leaving at 1630hrs which is where I’ll be with some guys from the ZX9 site.

If you’re coming, let me know and I’ll keep an eye out for ya and say ‘Hi’! :smiley:

so a case of i’ll make sure i am cycling to work so i can get home when you t0ssers block the roads and no 1 can get through.:smiley:

Don’t forget to take your Lofah Launcher John;):smiley:

Miserable sod!! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Sorry, but I might as well highlight the article once more! :wink:

We have just published an article about the campaign and demo -

Sorry, I didn’t see that. But thought I’d post it here so that people could say if they’re going and meet up at the Ace! :smiley:

Don’t worry, I have only just published the article! :slight_smile:
I only said ‘once more!’ because I had posted a link to it on two other NTBPF threads! :slight_smile:


Oh damn what a shame i will be on a flight to Spain at 4pm doesn’t look like i will be able to make it:D

Just a thought but can you imagine the temperature its going to be with all the bikes sitting at 5 mph in this heat and you all wearing your leathers and protective hi viz jackets…good luck with not passing out:w00t:

do i detect a note of sarcasm mate?

I don’t blame him being sarcastic…he’s goin on holiday! :smiley:

I’ll be taking some water with me fear not! :smiley:


not really its just cos of the rally we will all get judged by it but you lot do not speak for me!

I was takin the pi** when I called you a miserable sod…just light hearted banter…hence the smilies!

Don’t worry though hinny…I ain’t speakin for anyone except myself when I’m there. :wink: :smiley:

I’ll be at the Golden Square meet point :slight_smile:

The slogan is confusing me. Does this also mean an objection to road tax? Or VAT on purchase price?

Its about the parking fees not road tax. The info is on the link both Garret and I posted m8.

Oh I see. Is there a separate demo for car parking tax?


I think the organisers have nicknamed it ‘tax’ because its like anything in this Country these days…if we’re being charged for it then we class it as a government imposed tax.

Me and Gary will be coming the Ace first:D