London commuter bike

Hi all, long-time lurker, first time posting :slight_smile:

Thinking of adding a decent commuter to my stable, looking for something cheap-ish to insure, good mpg, bit of storage and fairly upright (6ft1 and 20st, I have rode sports bikes most of my biking life and CBR600 was my old commuter but was causing me too many shoulder and back issues with my size so I got rid of it for a MT09 - this is a bit too much for commuting - tiny tank, mpg is pretty crap in stop start traffic, and insurance a bit crazy - will hang onto it but want something year-round to commute on).

Thinking of a midrange scooter like a Forza300 as has loads of underseat storage of gym bag etc, or a boring NC750S with a top-box.

Ideally if I could get around 60-80mpg would be good with a tank-range of atleast 100-120miles, something upright, top-speed I don’t give a crap about as this will be for London commuting only so majority 20-30mph roads and a tiny tiny bit of 40mph if I am lucky, but would still want something with a little poke so was thinking either a 300cc scoot or the nc750 as that would tick the mpg boxes although look a bit crap, ran some numbers and either of these 17-18 plate is coming back around £500 PA insurance vs £1500 PA for the MT09 (which I will keep for weekends in the summer on ride-outs)


I’d totally agree, get a maxi scooter or an NC750 if you want motorbike credibility.

I’m curious what the insurance is like for you on a scooter over 125cc seeing as so many have been nicked recently.

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London commute? Get a push bike.

Faster, healthier and cheaper :blush:

Scooterist route will defo destroy your biker cred and you will need.a parking spot where no one knows you. :grin:

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I was going to say the same. If your commute is sub-ten miles a pedal cycle is quicker/similar and you won’t need to find space for the gym bag, nor money for the gym membership, nor money for petrol etc etc.


Commuted 140mile round trip on a 300cc maxi scooter for 18 months in all weather did the job well, cheap, comfy, easy to service, averaged 85mpg

Now using an sv650 as commuter as return trip
Is only 30 miles, average 65mpg

Now that would be a struggle on a pedal cycle :rofl:

Congrats for coming out of the shadows @bigdom86 :slight_smile:

Nothing wrong with a maxi-scooter. I’ve always liked them. Horses for courses and all.

Dont listen to Jay. He’s a scooter apologist and deserves to spend his years riding a C90 as penance.

@bluelagos I unashamedly love all things two wheels. And aren’t we an open community? :slight_smile:

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Yeah but even we have limits! :wink:

Joking aside I have no issue with scooters, they can be great fun

All things Jay?

You might, some of us have limits :slight_smile:

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cheers all for the quick replies! I should have been a bit more thorough, my commute is around 15-20miles in and 15-20miles out of london, from just past Orpington and into Chelsea and Paddington through Tulse Hill, Clapham, Battersea etc

Sports bikes would be perfect if majority was motorway or A-roads but in stop start traffic my shoulders were giving in especially with my size (mostly muscle honest!)

The new forza300 looks pretty nice tbh but a bit worried about bike-jackings but if I have been safe on MT09, CBR and R1 I should be OK I think :smile:

The NC750 doesn’t look too bad either with a slip-on can (any recommendations?)

I was also thinking of going down the route of an old jap bike like FZ6 with top-box but around 2009-2012, unsure if I would be putting money into a money pit with that though if things start going wrong and might be better off with a 17-18 plate forza300 or nc750

Replied to you on BCF regarding older Jap bikes, but gonna reply to you here with another suggestion!

Got another somewhere left field suggestion for you. I saw a chap on one of these the other day:

Not bad looking Electric bike with slight mock-retro feel to it. Range is low (60 miles) and top speed ain’t amazing (58mph), kinda comparable to a basic 125cc with a tonne of torque (170nM). Crucially it’s only £4.3k new. Probably be good for a short commute on low speed inner city roads, if you can plug it in each night. Could be worth a test ride. Anyone else tried one?

That doesn’t look too bad tbh but think I might be a bit too big and I like a little bit of noise :rofl: which is why I edged away from the NC750 a bit as worried it might be too quiet, it would be pretty good once I hit the south circular but like something with a bit more grunt and noise once get out towards Kent

I was toying with the idea of getting a new commuter bike the other week and the Honda CB300R seemed to get quite good MPG. Problem is it’s quite a lot wider than my Bandit 1250 so filtering would be more tricky than I’m used to, so decided against booking a test ride.

They do seem to get good reviews though, so thought I’d throw that in here in case it suits your needs.

Personally I’d go with the nc750 either the s or x variants are good bikes. I’d also have a gander at the BMW f800r as well.

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I wouldn’t mind this scooter @bluelagos :+1:

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Have you ridden an NC750 yet? They are very laid back and great in traffic. For commuting the engine characteristics are ideal.

Yeah, but that’s like driving a full on off road 4x4 for the school run in Chelsea!

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I rode one a few years back and thought it was great besides the lack of power and noise but I’m at a stage now where I need to be sensible with a commuter bike, going to test ride the NC750 and forza300, what is the main difference between the S and X model? I think the S looks nicer than that weird beak thing on the X