live fast, die young?

ok, this is another one of my rambling on posts, but hey ho someone’s got to be a bit koo-koo here, i was thinking, eversince i got on the bike my attitude to life changed, i mean the fact that i don’t believe in god made it worse, by me just simply thinking this is all we get given in life, one chance, one moment be it and its ours for the taking…i’m of the opinion we only live once.

now i used to be shy in certain aspects now i’m wondering whether i’m spiralling out of control.

please, honestly i’d love to hear responses to this one, eversince getting your bike license do you feel like being more of a rebel and taking more risks in life? just literally not giving a sh1t sometimes what anyone thinks and living for the moment?

Or better because now you appreciate life for all it is… a small tiny fart in the cosmos’ epic post curry dump which needs to be seized

Rather than believing some bearded man will take you away on a cloud where you will be playing lullabies and that all we do here is pretty much futile.

You do only live once (well unless you count the fact that your body’s energy is transformed into another type when you die, which can feed alternative life forms)… the way you live is chosen by you, for you, to affect mainly you. There is no greater plan and there is no higher purpose to which we must all save ourselves for. If the human race goes extinct tomorrow, the universe will not give a f*ck, flying or not, so do whatever you want with your life…

Not sure why I’m replying because these threads tend to go nowhere, nor will they really help you in your quest for answers…I guess I’m insomniac and bored at the same time… :smiley:

F*ck, I didn’t know it was that late.

Anna you seemed quite normal the other day :smiley:

I’m 30 now, I missed my chance dying young :frowning:

When i had my big off in Jan 2002 it made me think about the way i ride and then did my advance riding course with the I.A.M. It also made me think about the value of life and my family so i calmed down and became a grown up.

Biking has made me enjoy life more. You can see it in the faces of others too. It might not necessarily change who you are. Anna, you’re always going to be quite a left field girl but that’s what we love about you. You might change loads of things if you have kids and settle down but the core of you will never change.

Just take what you can while you can then have a heart attack like any decent person .

… leave a beautiful corpse?


Sure to many here I’m doubtless an old fart, but I find the ‘biker rebel’ thing ridiculous and tiresome. I ride to get me to amazing places and watch the sunrise, to ride through villages smelling the air and being in the scenery rather than looking at it through a window. Screaming around taking stupid risks is so selfish to the people you love and people you might hurt. And, a newsflash for some, but tearing up the high street with your baffles out or bragging about 100mph wheelies - a lot of people are ain’t thinking “Wow” but “Jesus, what a dic*head, FFS grow up”.

I think that until you have lost someone you love you don’t realise death/injury isn’t glamorous or exciting but empty and banal. Life is precious, both our own and the people we love. Sadly too many do not learn this and throw theirs away for momentary thrills or, worse still, to be ‘cool’.

OK, enough gloom (I’ll get my coat), I’m off into this wonderful morning


I agree with Jimshoe. Biking can be brilliant, but it isn’t really a form of rebellion these days and there are greater challenges in life. Perhaps the greatest one is not to die young, but to survive and realise what really matters and what is important.

I lay for weeks in a C/O High dependancy hospital bed watching people around me die . . I had total failure of kidneys and liver plus associated issues with that . Brought on by a nasty little virus much the same as Jamie has now . I was less than 30% survival chance . It has taken 5 years of painful recovery to get back to sembelance of normal . I came out the opposite of your opinion . Fuckit lifes is short and can end anytime ,if what i felt like is anything like what getting old feels like I want none of it . I see no prizes for living a long time. I will be throwing mine away all over the place for all sortsof tempoary thrills .

Anna you might have your answer from this last post - whatever feels right for you, is right for you.

Aaah necrophilia, the urge to crack open a cold one :smiley:

Or you could pop me into the microwave lol

I’m with num num on this one. I don’t wheelie but I do like no baffles and giving it the beans. I’ll do this as far away from people as I can so that if I do come off, I won’t involve anyone else. I’ll meet in the middle. Life is defo too short. Actually had a discussion about it yesterday. My outlook would defo change if I had kids, but I wouldn’t give up biking. Might just slow it down a bit or choose different rideouts. There is always a compromise. After all, you could walk out into the road tomorrow… Bla bla bla.
Just enjoy it whilst you can :slight_smile:

When I get all my power ranger gear on and go for a ride I feel like a differerent person on Sundays. I think it’s important to leave that on the bike when you come back to reality. I think in the film Quadrophenia the main character couldn’t handle that. After the weekend in Brighton all his friends went back to reality and he went off the rails.

blimey, not the sort of responses i was expecting, right “live fast, die young” was put as at title for a corny joke, the question was actually not about whether people take risks on the bike or not, question was whether biking ( which involves certain aspect of a risk and i’m sure everyone had their scary moments ) made you…erm… trying to live your life to the max and doing things that some people ( especially parents) would consider wasting time or would look down upon.

so far from the responses i’m getting everyone is a squeaky clean goody two shoes…

anyways, maybe it is a dead end thread, it did look like a gooden at night…when i was touch bit intoxicated and still buzzing of off slayer tribute band…:smiley:

I’ve certainly become more confident in myself since I started riding, whether or not it’s as a result of riding I don’t know but there’s definatly been a change

interesting… lots of things change my mind, my big accident last year really has scared me and made me realise you need get out there and live a little hence the trip. But doing the trip changes your mindset also. I don’t want to be a old guy who looks back while he’s shitting his pants and pissing in a bag and thinks about all the **** he should have done but on the same note i don’t want to be 30 shitty my pants and pissing in a bag beacuse i was reckless. I think we need a bit of both i see it as calculated risk, then should anything happen along the way i get to look back and say that i have lived and not just sat im my office and pissed £200 a week away on booze on the weekend whilst moaning i never have any cash to do anything.

I think this is something that will always change, when i have kids im sure i will move to being even more sensible after all you don’t want to leave a family behind broke and starving. Life is very precious and in places like India people do not value themselves or others around them very highly and its that that makes me want to really make the most of being in this incredible place, regardless of how or when it ends and what may or may not come after.

well i do enjoy my bike and i do not ride like a nun, but on the otherhand i want to be alive for the next weekend, so sometimes i grit my teeth and hold back, it has saved me serveral times like one day i was gonna blast off from the tunnel booths into the dartford tunnel but i did nt, i saw this old codger in his vauxhall estate make a late entry in front of an lorry and trailer he cut across it at speed mis judged it went over to the other lane bounced off the other other side and then over to the otherside slideing along the barrier to a standstill, lucky i decided to back off or i would ave copped it, likewise i dont overtake cars when passing petrol stations i just grit my teeth thats paid off serveral times too with drivers just turn with out indiecating. right i am off i am rambleing like anna now:) got my birthday to attend:)