Little accident at the Rotherhithe roundabout

Hi all

Just got home from a little nightmare ride home.
At the roundabout just before Rotherhithe Tunnel a bloody ginger bloke in his fing blue car hit my bike… on purpose I have to add.
As I was going through the cars who were all queuing up to go into the tunnel as per usual I was trying to get through slowly. I look out very carefully if the guy who I am passing the front of is aware of me (though he’s got a headset on). He can’t go anywhere. He looks at me. I look at him and want to pass slowly. He accelerates his car a little and hits me… my engine goes dead but I’m not falling off the bike… but it’s leaning to the left so I can’t put the neutral position in again. I turn to the side to swear at him. He obviously doesn’t understand a word but just gestures I should get out of the way.
Yeah, I’d love to you f*** c
ck. He continues to swear at me. Can’t understand what though of course and I eventuelly roll a little. As I’m very short I have to get off the bike to get it in a safe position near the middle of the roundabout.
Whilst pushing it I’m shouting at him to stop and stay. He didn’t.
My bike didn’t start, this b
rd is gone and I’m in the middle of this bloody roundabout. Brilliant! I’m calling the police who are telling me they don’t come out for these accidents without injury. Hello? This f**ker went off without even having the balls to help me. Mind you… what can you expect from someone who’s hitting a motorcycle on purpose just in order to not let them through a gap. Police told me I shall go to the next police station and report it. Great. Thanks for that. Especially because I’m still stuck there. I tried starting it a few times and it just wouldn’t start. After probably about half an hour and loads of bikers asking if I’m ok it eventually started… it was like MAGIC. I really don’t know what was wrong but I’m gutted about car drivers like this ginger bloke.
Now I don’t know… my bike doesn’t have any obvious damage but I would like that someone would teach this guy a lesson. Shall I go to the police and report it? Is it worth the effort? They’ll probably just laugh about me… but I’m a woman of principles and I don’t think what he has done was ok… even if I’m not injured (apart from the headache over this) and my bike seems ok again. So should I do anything?

And what I also wanted to say… Thanks to whoever stopped by who is reading this!!!
I just know there was one girl stopping with a sticker on the bike. I really appreciate this and it’s great to see so much will to help. Thank you!

Hi Lizzy, thanx God you ok.

Hey Lizzy, that sounds bloody awful (and particularly scary too seeing as you were stuck in the middle of the roundabout) personally (also as a woman of principles) I would report it.

It is illegal to not stop at the scene of an accident (no matter how small) and he definately needs to have his collar felt… did you have any witnesses? and im assuming you have his reg? take photos of any dents/scratches incured just in case…

I cannot belive that the police would not attend as you were stuck in such a dangerous position - bad call on thier part definately…

Glad you are okay thou

did you get his reg number if so YES report it, it might be hit and run or failing to stop after an accident, or even worse

Well… the good news is yes I’ve got his reg… my brain worked quick enough to keep that in mind. Unfortunately I haven’t got a witness :confused: … at least nobody I would be aware of. There were so many cars and bikes going past.
I’ve got some sort of reference number from the police that I can report on if I decide to go and fill their forms out.

It’s shocking how unpredictable some people are.

Sh1t wish i knew/could help, am literally around the corner, jamaica rd.

As you have said you got his number, hit and run and i bet there are sh1loads of cameras on the approach to the tunnel, so it quick though.

Glad your ok Lizzy, go to the police with the reg number and say it was a hit and run, and sue the [email protected]

Does it make a difference if they see on the camera that I showed him two fingers… :confused:
I was so angry and couldn’t move…

Post his Reg number, i regularily go home that way and happy to give his door some ragged knee / toe slider action

Glad you and the bike are ok matey

doubt it, would have been different if ya had kicked his car though, lol

Sounds like a genuine ass hole glad you recovered ok and didn’t drop your bike too.

Damn, I would have given his car a good kick for that and rode off. But then, these type of ******s don’t do it to big scary German blokes on dodgy bikes, only skinny little blondes where they can get away with it.

*******. Don’t bother reporting it, nothing will come of it anyway. Next time, exact instant revenge, or at least spit on his windshield. It won’t help but it will make you feel better.

Some guy almost clipped me off the bike as well today, near 1 Morelondon SE1, just randomly swerving around something while I’m riding next to him, but he was apologetic so I didn’t even get mad. I asked him to please use his mirrors before swerving around, and rode off happy. It’s all in the attitude…

But as you have learned, many times the typical English politeness stops when people climb into their little metal boxes.

I live 2 minutes from there, post his reg and we can exact some revenge. Some motorists are just ******s

Thanks guys… and ladies.
Feels a bit better already.
I probably should have kicked his car, scratched his eyes out and told him he’s ginger and not strawberry blonde… but I didn’t.

I think you are right itsthemechanic, most people’s attitude is just sh*te. I had a biker who almost ran into me once because he didn’t look out but I just said to him he should look out better next time and that’s it. I guess a lot of the car drivers are completely aggressive because they’re sitting in this traffic and can’t move… and then we come along on our bikes just using the gaps and overtaking everywhere.

@itsthemechanic - PS: I’m not skinny - Looking forward to meet you big scary German bloke on your dodgy bike soon

Unless either party has any damage, ("my bike doesn’t have any obvious damage ") then I’m afraid under the law there hasn’t been an accident. That doesn’t stop you reporting his actions as dangerous,careless or inconsiderate driving. If I were you I would examine your bike very, very carefully and if there is the slightest damage, report it as an accident as the chances of any follow up enquiries being made are then greatly increased.

From memory, and don’t quote me on this, although there are loads of CCTV cameras at the roundabout, they are all traffic monitoring cameras and are not routinely recorded. Sorry.

As for the police refusing to come out, that is quite normal for minor accidents even when the other party has made off. Apparently it’s progress. Did you make it quite clear that you were stranded in the middle of the roundabout causing an obstruction to a major route out of London? That might have made it different, but it needs to be made crystal clear to the person you’re speaking to.

post the reg hun…i’ll put it on my chit list for mirror removal by knee action

glad ur ok tho


sorry to hear of this, im glad to hear you are ok!!!, there are some real ****heads out there!!

Just read this thats shocking glad to hear that your ok now.
I think you should report him to the police and if his reg and car details happen to get passed around I’m sure he’ll be found and shown the error of his ways
Smiled and ginger both have very good techniques.

Sorry to hear about this Lizzy.

Report it to police??? Dont make me laugh.
A complete and utter waste of 40 minutes of your life.

Just another one to file in the ‘experience’ tray.

Sorry to hear this Lizzy…There are some absolute fůcktards out there…

As the Police won’t do much besides file the incident under but most likely in b, I’d agree with TonUp!

Keep smiling girl (and carry some spark plugs or marbles in your jacket pocket next time )