Line the scroats up and get the bullets out

Sorry, off topic, but just must get this rant out.

I’m currently training for the marathon, which means I must find nice long runs once a week. Today’s was going to be 24km so I thought I’d mix it up a bit and swap the Greenwich/Blackheath park areas for a nice long run along the river.
I’m turning back after about 12km around the Surrey Quays docks and suddenly see a group of 6-8 kids, black tracksuits, hoods, one staring at me, I knew it was trouble straight away, but just kept going confidently. The biggest lad runs up to me and smacks me in the face after which the rest of the cowards push and kick me. I’m on the ground for about 2-3 minutes (felt a lot longer) being hit and kicked in the face. They grabbed my glasses from my face and throw in the river, fking c*nts.
One of the scroats asks for my wallet, which I don’t have. I say they can have my phone (which I was using as MP3 player) if they let me get it out (I wasn’t going to let my arms not protect my head from the kicking). They just keep kicking me, one, must be the one that had the brain for the day says “let him get his phone”, so they hold back a bit. I reach for my phone at which time a little coward plants hit foot in my face again. That was it, I started screaming and kicking the f
kers like a mad man and they all ran away.

Fortunately a local resident saw this happen and let me in her flat until the police/ambulance arrived. I couldn’t see a thing and was worried they’d come back with weapons.

Turns out I was victim number 2 out of the 3 they’d attacked in about 20 minutes time along there. It was like 4.30 in the afternoon or something, with a fair amount of people around.
What f**king cowards.
It could have been a lot worse, the ambulance staff thought my jaw was fractured but it’s probably not. Look like **** though and the pains starting the kick in now :frowning:

Boys in blue and ambulance staff were very good and they’re pretty confident they’ll catch them because of their stupidity. I guess the frustrating thing for them is that they’ll probably get away with a slap on the wrist and a load of money spend on them because the “poor lads” have such a difficult life. Line them all up and give them the bullet, they’re a waste of time/space/energy. 6-8 people attacking a single person who’s just been jogging for 12km, what’s to be proud about>


Is nowhere safe in broad daylight these days?:angry:

I’m really sorry to read this mate, glad you are relatively OK. Small comfort, but it could easily have been a lot worse.

I hope they catch these scrotes. They deserve a taste of their own medicine.

I hope you feel better soon.

wherebouts m8? thats my turf.

i could take a squiz or take my daughter along and she may be able to id them etc, her school is not far from there too.

That’s fecking terrible! Glad you’re at least relatively OK and let’s hope they catch the c**** and string them up by the ********:crazy:

I know it could have been a lot worse. I’m glad they weren’t tooled up.
I was surprised how young they were though. One bigger guy, possibly 16-17, the rest of them looked barely 14-15.

It was near Deptford Wharf, by the rivertaxi stop by Greenland dock.
The local residents thought they weren’t local but possibly visiting from Peckham. Although the chap from the met robbery unit thought they were local. He said they usually don’t get much of that around there, but there’s been a few incidents in the last couple of weeks, probably by the same gang. So if you’re out there, watch out.

wtf!!! :angry: glad they werent carrying anything and you were not badly hurt…
I am not sure what i would have done :ermm: possibly something that would have provoked them more = made it worse for me

Sorry to here about this Dries, now dry your eyes and get back out running you girl :w00t::hehe:

Mate i hated it when i was over in iraq and all you saw on the news was the scroats back here going round beating/stabbing people. Makes my blood boil knowing that the sh*t heads get away with it too.

Saw my cousin today and she said how a few weeks ago someone she knows was murdered up near her and the guy who did it hasnt been done yet and says he doesnt know what happened as he was drunk and there was no witness or cctv. They havent released the guys body yet either and its been 6 weeks. He was 22 with 2 kids and another one on the way. Also on the same night just on the oposite side of the road somone else was stabbed(still alive as far as im aware). This country needs to get a grip on things.

Only way people like that are gona get justice served to them is if they get a good hiding themselfs, couldnt give a shite how old they are, if they can dish it out there old enough to be given it back.

Had someone pull a knife out on us a few weeks back when i was on the **** with a few mates. Some dick kicked off next thing we saw was one of his mates pull a knife out of his pocket so we bunged everyone in a taxi and got out of there. No point in taking them on even though there was more of us and id say we cud off had them but someone would evidently have gotten a knife stuck in them so wasnt worth the risk. Was lucky we were stood rite next to the taxi’s or we would have had to fight our way out

Jeee-sus Driesie that is absolutely bl**dy awful. Teenage pack mentality and the longer the little b*stards get away with it, the worse it gets. Their parents shouldn’t have been allowed to conceive!!

I hope you are doing OK. Apart from the injuries you must be dreadfully shaken up.

What was that film with sean bean in where he went on operations then came back and wasnt happy with the way society was and they formed a group who went round sorting the scroats out? Maybe we should do the same and sort out these little scroats and teach them some respect

Sorry to hear about that mate.

I admire you for aiming to do a marathon! Please don’t let something like this stop you from running it!

was in singapore a few years ago i witnessed a couple of teens scratching a parked car, they received the cat of nine tails in public, they need more capital punishment in this country that also includes harming minors!!!


Parents cant even smack there kids nowadays… rekon we wouldnt have so many disrespectful scroats about today.

Think i gave some old man a shock when i let him through the door before me today, he stood rite out my way when he saw me, not suprised due to the way i look and dress, but when i let him through he looked realy shocked but was very grateful. More people need to learn respect

Bluddie hell, sorry to hear this mate :angry:

Very sad to read this mate :frowning:

Hope you don’t hurt too much :pinch:

Sounds like you did yourself proud IMO :wink:

Really sorry to hear this Driesise - mate - they sound like a pack of hyenas - good on you for going ballistic and seeing the feckers off - nice one.

These kids need punching up.

Sorry, you are wrong. Double Tap. Job done.

Fkn right. Notice how they never try it one on one ?