Less than 3 months until I'm forced into marriage


I then own her Blade too :smiley: and her body… :rolleyes:

mmmm I think you might be surprised who’s in charge post the nuptials !!:hehe:

Yes but she’ll have your balls… :stuck_out_tongue:

already has.

pff, its all an act

Still time to change your mind…

wont find another one like her. Good and Bad :smiley:

Your life is over. Already is. Mortgage / baby / wife - 20 years of working your socks off to put bread on the table / pay the bills. Then your littlun grows up - and you will become a taxi service - no thanks - no payment - just a teenage grunt as your pick up your daughter / drop her off.

Then when she’s old enough to fly the nest - she’ll soon bring home some unclean, layabout who she wants to marry - and get this - you will be expected to pay for her wedding.

Enjoy :smiley:

woohoo cant wait :smiley:

Damn Mel hooked me before I knew any better!

You’re gonna pay for this! :hehe:

To quote the late Pimlico - sympathy is in the dictionary between sh1t and syphilis :smiley:


run like ****

Only cos I am jealous Mel :kiss:

I meant monopoop :smiley:

Cool. So I am off the hook :slight_smile:

Give him hell :smiley:

you might wanna learn to do this, cos i wont be doing it any more :smiley: :w00t:

ffs monopoop.

brilliant. wife who publically abuses me. Im a shell of my former self (is that even a correct phrase?)

OMG - if I could do that I wouldn’t leave the house…

obviously i dont suck off monkies. just had to be said

Lewis, marry a monkey instead