learner legal rideout

Decide the date first, route can follow. It doesn’t have to be that direct, either…

Weather looks reasonable for this Sunday (11th) if there are no other clashing events and it’s not too soon.

p.s. just seen Choccie’s post, perhaps I’m being premature!

Dont mind being a tail gunner for this, might be better to have a more powerful bike at the back, just in case sort of thing? Also could offer riding advice, lines, body position, etc from that position?

April 21st could be a decent date for me…

Date pending, am happy to mark corners etc., as needed.

21st is great for me as it is pay day so will be able to afford the £5 petrol that it will cost me to get there (you have to love scooters just for that fact)…

Sounds like a plan is forming, Sleeper,can you edit your 1st post to include the date, destination and people attending.

CM, I don’t think having a faster run on the same day is ideal, it could be a bit intimidating for sompe people. I think this should be kept to a slower ride for people on L’s with some of us on bigger bikes to be tail gunner at the back, give advice and mark the corners. I think somebody on a 125 or somebody with will power should lead because if I see an empty stretch of road in front of me I don’t think I have the discipline not to speed off

Sleeper, this is your baby - what do you think?

Might be up for it (with flats in tow) dates depending tho… will be on my ickle baby by then

Nice one Loopy. Flats can’t lead though - he’ll be on his way home before we get there

i told him he’s gonna have to get another bike!! a slower one for when hes out with me

or you could swap…

21st April is good for me.

21st free here as well. Happy to lead, even though I’ll be on the 250 (yes, another X9!) I’m used to leading to the pace of 125’s.

Tuck in any 125 scooters behind me, then 125 geared bikes, then the rest who can offer observations etc.

i wanna come, but the 21st of april is crap for me

I really want to make it to a ride out some time too, but 21st is a friends wedding

Also, with any luck, I’ll have my L plates off and could be riding anything by then…

Brilliant, thanks Jim.

So that’s Saturday 21st April (Day before St Georges ride)

JimC - Leading on a 250X9

Elad - Tail Gunner (Big Bike)

Choccie Muffin - (Big Bike) Helping at the rear. oo er missus lol

SheWoolf - Marking Corners (Big Bike)

Keti - Marking Corners (Big Bike)

Ben632664 - Marking Corners (Big Bike)

Flatout - Marking Corners (Bigger Bike)

Grimbusa - Marking Corners (Big Bike)

AbbyJ - Marking Corners (Big Bike)

Pyton - Marking Corners (Big Bike)

The Sleeper - (100cc Scoot?)

Debz - (125 bike)

JT - (125 bike, also help with corners if necessary)

Loopy - (125 Bike)

GingerPixie - (125 Bike)

Guilanno - (Scooter)

Guilanno’s partner - (Scooter)

Surely there are more people on L’s than this…If you know of somebody who might want to join us, get them to come along. It will be a nice gentle ride and newer riders won’t have to worry about marking corners.

You missed me out…

Ooops - amended now hun.

Depending on dates and other commitments I should be along.

Hey just remind him of his ride back from the St Georges day with AJ - his bike is capabale of slower speeds!!

Oh and AJ and I will be there if you need additional hands to help out -

Shewolf, you just need to practise keeping an eye on those behind in your mirrors so you don’t lose them - everyone starts somewhere - you remember that don’t you??!

Sorry! I’m going to have to bang out of this one, April’s getting rather too close to finals!!


Yeah - but you should treat yourself to a study break and this would be the best way to get away from those books.