learner legal rideout


I did not join this site until the middle of last year so therefore missed all the rideouts last year, I’m still on a learner and would love to go out on one, I’m useless at organising these things so looking for some one more experienced to organise it…

Any one want to step onto the plate?


Date: 21st April 2007

Time: Ace - 10am departure

Time: Boxhill – 11.15am departure

Destination: Brighton

JimC - Leading on a 250X9

Elad - Tail Gunner (Big Bike)

Choccie Muffin - (Big Bike) Helping at the rear. oo er missus lol

SheWoolf - Marking Corners (Big Bike)

Keti - Marking Corners (Big Bike)

Ben632664 - Marking Corners (Big Bike)

Flatout - Marking Corners (Bigger Bike)

Grimbusa - Marking Corners (Big Bike)

The Sleeper - (125cc Scoot)

Debz - (125 bike)

JT - (125 bike, also help with corners if necessary)

Loopy - (125 Bike)

GingerPixie - (125 Bike)

Guilanno - (Scooter)

Guilanno’s partner - (Scooter)

Guilanno’s partner - (Scooter)

Why not ask one of the Hosts that’s what they are there for.

Are you looking to do you DAS soon as It would be good to see you on a bigger bike on the next MayDay ride out.

If somebody volunteers to lead, I’ll happily come along and help mark corners etc.

I’d be up for joining in on this one

I’ve passed and got a full licence but don’t do fast like some others so very keen to join in. I’m totally crap at directions so would not be any use at all for leading but happy to pootle.

Does Flatout still have the route LB took to Portsmouth on a very successful run last summer? Or does anyone have a good route to Brighton we could take? I know there are some lovely little back roads that would be more fun than the A23 for riding, so that might be good, and Madeira Drive is a fun place to grab some scoff when we get there. (Bring a towel and we could go for a paddle in the sea!)

Yeah! Going to Brighton sounds like a great idea Good one Choccie

I think Brighton would be a better destination than Portsmouth for this ride! Choccie, would you be tail gunner? We’d need a few more people happy to mark corners as well.

I’d be up for marking, depending on date…


Date permitting - count me in

Im up for this, and Im happy to mark Corners

Yep- Debz and I are still up for more of these type of rides even along side a ride already on but with an appropriate route.

All depends when

I’m up for a LL Brighton run (depending on date etc), a chance to take my poor neglected 250 out for a spin. The more back roads the better.

I might run some evening ‘Surrey Lanes’ rides as well, these will specifically be suitable for learners with emphasis on road positioning and machine control.

Sounds good to me

sounds like a plan

Anybody to lead??? Who knows the way, if nobody comes forward, we’ll have to rely on my Tomom

Oh no - not the tomtom - anything but the tomtom

Anyway its a learner ride we can all practice our u-turns


Don’t worry its easy, I’m a geography student!!

It’s on the coast, right???

i’v got a copy of the route we used for the pompey run if you want it??? which was a mix of slower roads and some faster ones mixed in i believe you could tailor it so you ended up in brighton?

If that means riding at the back slower than everyone else, that sounds like the place was made for me!!!

Did a bimble down to Brighton with a couple of peeps from boxhill back in Nov, will try to get the route. Some nice pretty squiggly bits down near Brighton, very little dual carriageway stuff, nice gentle run. But I’m definitely NOT lead material, my sense of direction can barely get me from the pub door to the bar without getting lost!

Can I suggest someone who isn’t going to go tearing off to lead, that way the smaller bikes won’t feel pressured into going faster than comfortable or able? No idea who that might be, Shewolf you’ve ridden with a good few people, I’m sure you’ll be able to suggest someone.

And what sort of date are we looking at? I suggest some time in April, highly unlikely to be icy then. Remember Easter’s the weekend 6-9 April so might not be the best weekend as the world and his dog will be out. Can I tentatively suggest Saturday 21st April? (Actually my calendar’s a bit full in April – busy Easter weekend, and 14th/15th, and Sun 2nd – but hey, you guys can go on a ride perfectly happily without me so don’t worry if the concensus is one of the days I can’t do.)

I’d also suggest an experienced riders’ trip on the same day, timed to more or less get to Brighton at the same time so we can show Madeira Drive what LB’s about. I know you speed maniacs have done the trip, you can choose your own route and meet us there.

As for meeting places, perhaps the Northerners might want to meet at Ace, the Easterners meet at some place in that general direction (thurrock? I dunno, never been over THAT side of London!) and then everyone meet at Box Hill for a gentle trundle down?