Le Mans Trip with PJ

PJ is already taking names in the Ride-Outs section for his trip to the infamous race circuit.

Get over there and sign up if you want an experience to savour.

The trip will be Friday 20th September till Monday 23rd September.
Tunnel from Folkestone for about 7.30am returning from Calais at about 5pm times to be confirmed.
Hotel will be the Chantecleur which is close to the trams and the town centre and you will be sharing a twin/double room.
Entry ticket and grandstand ticket above the pits.

Last time we went it cost around £550 all in.

I will check on prices again soon but just getting ideas of numbers at this stage.

I will be looking at a max of 12 bikes for this trip.

If you have never experienced a 24hour endurance event you will be in for a truly amazing time.

I need to add that the ride there and back will be of a progressive type and so unfortunately no 125’s or inexperienced group riders.


You can put my name down. And Siene, 954 fireblade.

Be going for sure. Prob not staying in the hotel tho. May have 1/2 rooms in the house if wanted.

If needed, some stuff can also be dropped at my parents (15 mins away from the track) :wink:

Will also be going to the GP moto in May.

Thanks PJ!

anymore news on prices PJ ???

Gixxerfoune what price for room in house for me n Mrs ?

just thinking about going at moment

Hello, well it’s at my parents so to be honest i’m not asking for much. I’m guesing a little something and bringing some food will do.

Need to check with them what’s free and not on those dates. Will let you know what’s happening.

im keen

no your WEIRD get it right :D:D

would be looking to do it for less than £500 though :w00t:


hotel premier Le Mans those dates double room from £107

Eurotunnel £45

270 miles ish from Eurotunnel to Le Mans

Yes, I’d love to come if there is space for me and if I’m welcome… Can you park on pavements in France PJ?

I may try to source some cheaper accommodation though - I’m a cheap baastard and can’t afford hotels.

NB I ride a 600 Ninja (not that quick, still a learner, but not that slow either) and I’ve ridden hundreds of miles through France before so have experience riding on the continent.


Very interested in this one.

If I had a more reasonable job I’d be all over this like a powerful moss, but sadly work calls that weekend, have fun PJ and the crew.

Well…anymore info forthcoming on this ???

Sorry guys I have been a tad busy with the start of my race season.

I will endeavour to look into the prices further and let you know.

Ok so, the hotel have confirmed they have rooms available. Double rooms will be 115 euros per night so 345 between two people. They can offer twin rooms at the same price our a single room will cost 89 euros per night.

Tunnel will cost £46 with an 8.20am crossing Friday and a 5.20pm crossing back on Monday.

I will confirm ticket prices once I have firm commitment from those wanting to go.

So here it is people, who is coming?

Im still keen and Mrs Rixxy is interest also. Its one of those things on my bucket list.

Yes still interested.

Ok cool, thanks guys.

Currently we are the following,


Anyone else?

gotta check if can get the time off work and will look at one of the cheaper places to stay…yup pikey rates for me :smiley:

I’m 100% for this PJ

Please ad my name to the list! … Looking forward to it :wink: