Le Mans Trip with PJ

Good to see your still about zine.

Yeah, always lurking in the background, just like a bad smell! :stuck_out_tongue:

Confirmed time off booked at work, so just raising the cash now :cool:

I will be reserving hotel rooms when I get back to work next week.

I’m in

As long as I’m not sharing a double with Rixxy :wink:

PJ, count me in if there’s still room. Been away too long.

Ok guys, good to have you along on this one.

Rooms are now booked.

Such a long time to wait now :crazy:

It will be worth the wait :w00t:

Just so we are all clear, im not carrying anyr of you unnecessary camera equipment around.:smiley:

I’m interested if it doesnt run at the same time as Robs pyraneese trip…edit : it doesnt

I take it the route will be bendy, and not straight?

I have sent the email to my ticket contact regarding entry and grandstand tickets. He will mail me back once the tickets are made available and prices confirmed.

I will be booking the tunnel in the next week or so and once I have I will let you all know what to book and costs (should be about £45)

Hotel rooms have been reserved but I can add to them if more decide to come. I will close this trip in the next couple of weeks as we have to think about group size for such a long ride.

Anyone confirmed on this that has a sat nab please let me know so I can make sure you have the details in advance .

Can’t wait.

Just to keep you all up to date, I’m just waiting on the organisers to issue the prices and availability of the tickets.

Hotel rooms have been reserved.
Once I get the details of the tickets I will book tunnel tickets and then let you all know hose details.

Any room for me? Promise I won’t bring the old mans bike :slight_smile:

Hi PJ. Any room left for Le Mans. Went with you a couple of years ago. Let me know please mate. Ian ( stretch ) Kims M8.

Mail me [email protected].

Ok so the bill for the admission and grandstand tickets has arrived.
£62 for admission and £18 for the grandstand
If you could please contact me so that I can get you to transfer your funds over to me that would be great.

PM me and I will give you my mobile number.

This way I can confirm who’s still coming


Ok so list so far confirmed and paid


I’m in, have asked for details on payment.