LB Website Time Travel

I was running through some old folders and found a bunch of screenshots of various previous incarnations of the LB website we’ve had over the last 13 years or so. They’re by no means exhaustive but I thought it’d be cool to share them.

How any do you remember?




Not the first three but the others I do…

God have I wasted so much time on here?:joy:

i think i caught the tail end of the light blue London Transport version! (I joined in Q1 2007).

I also did some news/ article publishing with Garret back in day!

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is chicken strip media still alive :slight_smile:

No, that ended when I finished my sabbatical.

I’m keen to get the editorial back online in some way. We’ve got such a rich history of articles and photo galleries. It’s killing me not to have them available. There’s plans to address this.

So it didnt make millions then? :smiley:

Don’t ask me, I wasn’t involved. Though you know, I haven’t seen @andrew_7 in ages, perhaps he’s sailing around the world on a yacht :man_pilot: :sunglasses:

I can remember the first one with the CBR125 roadtest that seemed to be on the homepage for ages :laughing:

Looking at the third one reminded me of the LB podcasts, weren’t they top of the iTunes podcast charts for a while or something like that?

Wow, you have a good memory @rusty. They were indeed! @mattcbf600 used to host them and they were indeed top for some time.

I’ve still got the recordings somewhere I believe. Hrm, that gives me an idea … :slight_smile: