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New Logo - 2021 Edition

The keen eyed amongst you may have noticed that we’ve changed our branding. The longer-serving amongst you should also recognise the logo and colour scheme - it’s a re-mastered version of the logo we ran for many years, and one that LB is probably most well known for.

Why have we done this? - A number of reasons really, not least is that we didn’t really like the old logo. It was given to us when LB was under a caretaker stewardship (I stepped down for a bit, I had a lot going on in life at the time) and we didn’t have any proof of usage rights, so couldn’t use it with any great degree of confidence on prints, stickers, keyfobs, promotions, etc.

We tried for a few years recently to come up with a new logo of our own, and even contracted a number of graphic designers, but struggled to land on an identity that worked; something that represented what LB is. After some deep and meaningful conversions, we decided that it was a folly to try and re-imagine LB. It is what it is, it’s got a rich history and shouldn’t be ashamed to lean on that. People with more experience in branding matters have assured me that we’re not the first brand to revert to a previous logo.

Hopefully you like it.

It means we can get stickers made up again at long last if nothing else :slight_smile:

Now, if you’re feeling nostalgic, here’s how the site used to look over the years…


Also means my keyrings are still valid :slight_smile:

Now if only I had a bike key to use them on

But but but… No dark mode? :frowning:


Trying to fix dark-mode atm,


Is it my vision or is the logo a bit blurry?

Should be pin-sharp, we’re using high-resolution images now. Could you PM me a screenshot please?

Ah yes, I see. Doh. In Chrome on low DPI screens, it’s blurry. It shouldn’t be. Okay, will try and fix. Thanks @Slacker.

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I don’t like it… I love it!!


And pins?

I like the way it changes for different sizes20210926_180742


Looks great. Now can you invent a time machine so we can go back to 2008?

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All hail the London bikers logo!

@Jay made my day when I logged in today and saw that bad boy.

That will always be the lb logo for me!

Put me in the waiting list for merch!


I hear there is a shortage of Merch! Better stock up now

Dark mode now back:

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For anyone for whom it doesn’t appear in settings, you may need to log out and in again. It wasn’t visible for me until I did that.

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So glad the old logo is back, never liked the other one

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Yay!, the sticker on the back of my bike is valid again


Mine too lol

Blurry logos should now be fixed! :slight_smile:

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what about the Merch though @Jay has the supply chain for this been fixed?

I can confirm we’re in the process of seeing about acquiring the Debenhams supply chain for LB Merch.