LB Christmas Party?

You don’t have to justify yourself mate.

@Tim was this you?

In for the 5th and I also like the idea about making it simple and meeting at a pub

5th would actually work well for me as I’ll be closer to central that weekend :grin:

Great - provisionally looking around Borough Market seeing as we should all know how to get there! And yes @TimR - testing is an ABSOLUTE hic necessity :slight_smile:

Not sure if the LB party is where it all started going wrong or right for me o.O


The Old Thameside Inn

But only inquiring at this stage

Hmm … licensed premisses in Clink Street, South London!

Our Des will be proper at home with that, just like being on holiday, weelie being on holiday

Cor those human traffic cones were lucky that some renegade biker lot didnt come up and kick them out of the way to get passed !

Didn’t we go to the Porters Head a couple of years?

It was the Porterhouse - certainly a bit more central!

We can do Porterhouse again if you want. I really couldn’t give a crap where we go, as long as the beer is decent!

i love the porterhouse, but its so loud especially on a rammed saturday night. the first pub gets my vote. although a bit harder to reach.

agreed for the porterhouse

I’m in, I would almost always vote for Bavarian bierhouse in shoreditch for pubs, but you buy beer by the stein, and women in strange outfits serve you and I’m not sure if that will appeal to you guys

Bavarian beer house is bloody expensive

+1 Porterhouse.

You can get good Bavarian beer at the porterhouse at the moment if, you can pronounce it “Hacker Phsorsch”.
The other reason it gets my vote is that you can get a dirty dingle there😁

Ok - I’m on it with Porterhouse. From 6pm - is that a good time?