LB caption comp. THE WINNER



this is not funny either

i hope shewolf forgives you…i know i wont

why are all your attacks on your friends???

er its general i can discuss what i like… sherrie is one of the lot that has a sense of humor and knows already what i am like besides the picture says it without the words its just a laugh…

it is also adult humour and so is in the wrong section

oh dear… seems you maybe right im sure a moderator will move it if they seem fit but as they are stepping away from the “active moderation” it may jus stay here im sure she wolf will see the funny side of it either way

you can only hope that she will not be offended by your caption that she does blowjobs for money

yeah a great joke…where is your honour

roflmao -

I think that’s funny as fu*k! It must have been enough money as it looks like my mouth is ready to do the dastly deed, lol. Cheap? Moi?

Salee - Thanks for defending me but Flats knows I wouldn’t take offence.

awwwww thanks sherrie (does that mean i get a discount ) glad ya took it good humor your top draw

but please explain what was really going on there ??

sorry girl…i wont bother in future…

seems like you have lost your dignity to allow him to degrade you in this way…is that what friends do??

I think it had something to do with bottle of Bollinger.

Si - I would offer a discount but I think Loopy might kill me

Ooooh, I can’t wait for the Barro himself to see that!!! Triskie - you in trouble

Although I did have to ask the bar staff for a magnifying glass

i think its funny!!

Salee i think your looking into this too deeply!! it is a joke!! in my world the only thing that isnt taken as a joke is messing with someones food!!! anything else is fair game!

Salee - I appreciate you standing up for me but you know me well enough to know I’m secure enough to take a joke.

If he had offended me, I can assure you I would take it up with him myself. I have his mobile number so I’d call him and tell him he’s offended me. If that was the case - I am 100% sure he would apologise and delete it. If he didn’t I’d find his house and castrate him and stick his cat (if he has one) in the freezer

What’s his cat done to deserve that???

Umm, is this in the wrong section as well then ?

Funny as f***!

People take offence far too easily these days, especially over something so trivial.

Salee, people might argue that once being an MCN babe is also degrading to women… parading around in tight lycra as a sex object. I personally say if you’ve got it flaunt it, but each to their own.

Ha ha, sherrie? U are doin Barro justice by opening it so WIDE mate !!! me? i would have just puckered up for that !!!

Was that the bollinger i prompty poured into my house wine??? (well…i was too pissed to NOTICE peeps!)…didnt taste that different either, but then i dont know my wines from my …err whines !!

and what i woulda done for an MV agusta on weds night bladie baby!!!

or dont you remember that …lol


Id shag anyone for an MV Augusta 1000cc in red !!! oh dont get me going smiley me lad !!! That bike is THE most sexiest, rawest, shag wanting bike in de world, and i dont care wot ya think of me for thinkin it !!! Beats getting moist over a scooter !!!