LB Blood Donation @ Cubana?

I am a regular blood donor and the National Blood Service is (mostly through their own fault, cos they’re not very well organised) drastically under supplied.

There’s you an me on our bikes and we’re prime candidates to need it from time to time. Then there’s anyone with kidney problems, cancer, blood problems, and even those giving birth all of whom need pints and pints of the stuff…

Not sure if I’m doing a good job of selling this, but anyway, here’s the idea - If we can generate enough interest and prove that enough people would be willing to give a pint of claret if they showed up, we can arrange a donor truck to appear, at either Cubana, Ace Cafe, the Tea Hut on Blackheath or wherever we wanted. Obviously I would need to confirm that we were allowed to park it where we wanted, but that’s my responsibilty later to arrange. First I need to prove to the Blood Servive that a valid number would definitely donate before they’ll even think about coming out.

YOUR RESPONSIBILITY IS AS FOLLOWS: I need you all to let me know if you would be prepared to donate?

The ONLY snag is, DO NOT say yes if you think you wouldn’t do it on the day. We need only 100% firm commitments ok. Sorry to sound official and boring, but its a big ask to sort out, so we do need to be certain before we go ahead with this.

Right that’s the idea, here’s my last chance to sell it to you lot. Er…please think about this seriously. Its a really good idea, its great for the soul cos you feel all warm and smug when you’ve done it, you might one day benefit from your own blood and the most important reason of all…if you don’t I’m going to arm Barro and his mates with baseball bats and they’re going to come and convince ya for me…then you’ll wish you had already donated… Just kidding.

Reply on this thread or to me on a PM please if you’re up for it please! 100% definite donors only. And bear in mind, it doesn’t have to just be us. If your mate who doesn’t ride wants to donate, tell him yes he can and let me know, but again firm commitments only please.

Thanks all.

WE NEED NUMBERS HERE GUYS…Its up to you now. Ta,

Speaking from experience of trying to organise this type of thing previously, I would offer two thoughts:

  • they may only turn out if you can guarantee 50 pints of blood will be donated.

  • don’t forget that anyone who has had a tattoo or piercing in the last year will not be able to give blood.

Other than that, it’s a cracking idea!

Right Liz…so is that a yes a no?

I’ll do it provided it’s before the end of September, as I’m moving to Manchester. I’ve given blood before so will be fine to do it again

Would prefer Cubana or The Ace as I don’t have to get worried about having to find places

That’s 2 confirmed.

Come on you lot, keep em coming!


I will do it.

sorry mate but ive had hepatitus and a tattoo recently…otherwise would love to

My blood’s no use to anyone, even me, 'cos I’m very anaemic and allergic to iron.


sorry, no can do, they don’t like my blood.

I gave blood for the first time a few months back…I felt REALLY ill as soon as she took the needle out, kinda put me off…

Toby I’m in.


For reasons I can’t post here I can’t. But, as Jo will no doubt tell every one any way may as well come clean, I have a pathological fear of needles so much so that once a year I go and get a fresh tattoo so I don’t feel gulity about not giving blood.

You’ve had bum love with a man haven’t you…

Weaver, I’;m with you on that one.

Because of a fear of needles yo get a tattoo involving needles to assuage your guilt about not giving blood cos of your fear of needles…? Truly a Gordianknot of false logic.

Lustfish you’re too cool, glad you’re in and sorry I missed you at Cubana but next time.

Matt, glad you’re in too mate. Ta

We’re up to 4

Only a Rossi more (46)…come on you lot, keep em coming!!!

Cheers all.

[blush] No problem, just like to do my bit. Come on you lot, you can’t all be scared of needles!!

Toby-1-kenobi: I will be going to Hastings next week, maybe see you then?

It’s a noble idea but the last time I gave blood I was told by the nurse I shouldn’t ride my bike or operate machinery (because of the blood-letting, not because of any general incompetence on my part, although…).

So I walked home and bashed my can of beans open with a rock.

sorry can`t cause of tablets

Sorry to rain on your parade, but I don’t think that organising blood donations at a biker meet is necessarily a good idea. Also I doubt that the blood transfusion service would be happy to take blood from a group of people who will then ride off on motorbikes.

I used to give blood regularly until I had a couple of operations on my leg a few years ago, and haven’t done so since. So, following your example I looked here:

and found that I can give blood on Tuesday in BIDBOROUGH STREET, WC1H 9DB, so I’ll do that.

Edit: just checked the rules - because I have had a blood transfusion since 1980 I cannot give blood. Damn.


Thanks for the update Duncan.

This initial shout out, is just to find out if we can get 50 together. The actual specifics of the donation would be arraned only if we can get 50 people who would be able to and happy tom commit to blood-letting…sorry, donating.

For any who are concerned about the process, or about riding and donating, this will all be cleared up and made totally transparent IF we get enough together to do this. Please don’t be put off by concerns. If you can donate as far as you are aware, and would like to just say Aye. If we reach 50 then we’ll take this to the next step.

Sorry if that sounds dismissive Duncan, its not intended that way at all, but I’ve spent many moons organising stuff like this, and I understand your concerns, but there’s not point in getting excited about rules until youknow you got enough people to try and apply the rules to… PM me if you’re concerned mate, happy to chat.

SO…come on you lot, any takers, as you can see form all the repsonses on this thread, there are plenty of people out there who would benefit fro your time and generosity…KEEP EM COMING FOLKS. Love to y’all!