Has anyone else been in this position? Been living in my area now for about 24 yrs, when i moved into the cul de sac, we all used to give each other xmas cards and take in mail/parcels etc, move up a bit for parking etc…wait while we unloaded shopping …

Over the years people move out and new in and those old routines have gradually faded out…had a woman move in about 5 years ago, nice enough, then she met a man, who moved in quite quickly…thinks hes the phil mitchell of the road and is always shouting the odds about something…u know the sort…anyway, he has made the front garden into a drive and paid for a drop kerb outside?

I came home from work, and couldnt find a space (another usual thing nowdays cos more people have cars and people also park in from the main street) so i went to the front, and parked up, and although i had a right to be there, it didnt leave much space between my car and another for him to get in from work himself? i went in, and thought i would keep checking for a space, come out and move my car a bit better for him when he came in?

So i looked out, saw a space and went to move it back a bit…but this guy had meanwhile came home,and blocked me in by parking in middle of road? i went and knocked on the door and said, sorry about that, i will move back now i can see a space so that u can move yours?..(bearing in mind i didnt have to do this as i was not technically in the wrong?)

All hell broke loose from then on, i was called this that and the other, i was threatened and because he was getting verbal back from me, once i sussed he was serious, he didnt like it and went to his car and opened the boot…then this woman came out and SHE started on me, so after telling her that she better do something, stop her waffling, or piss off…to which she did when she saw i wasnt frightened of either of em…then he continues calling me all sorts…(and yeh i returned the compliments)…so i told him he can leave his car there cos im not moving mine now…so he then went into the back to get something out of his car…i asked him if he was threatening me and on being called a c*** and telling me to move my car (which i found funny seeings He was the one blocking me in now) i came in to my other half and told him what had happened?

He came out, went to their house, asked what was going on, was met by the same abuse, he went to go for a piece of wood by his door and other half told him if he picks it up, he will find it taken off him and used! to which he was told to “go on eff off” …and was promptly knocked out, and when he came round, had a busted lip and went crying to the woman showing her his mouth and saying “look what hes done, call the police”

Needless to say, other half was handcuffed, in my home, taken to the cells for few hours, cautioned and came home and told to behave for 5 yrs !!

NOW…when you apply to the council for a drop kerb…where does it say that other car owners can not park in the surrounding area that they USED to park in before the kerb was dropped? I think the fact i knocked and offered to move my car was neighbourly enough? i pay my taxes and am entitled to park on the street, as long as im not ON that kerb or in his drive…

Plus, what has happened to todays people? years ago, if u had a dispute like this? a few words and it was done, OR if it came to a fight there was NEVER a call to the police? Have we all become victims of our own society where we have to report everything, have we become weak people with no backbone?

At school, if a teacher smacked you one, no police were called, it was taken…nowdays you cant touch a bluddy 14 yr old mouthy bar steward, spouting all this rap type talk to you and thinking u can understand a damn word, threatening you with guns in the head etc, and thats just the girls !! And they KNOW you cant touch em, thats WHY they are so mouthy…end of the day? one on one?..they would run a mile! Whats happened to people with bottle? (guess theyve all been shot dead eh?)

Still wanna know where i stand on the kerb thing though? waiting for council warden to visit me now, they are not happy, cos police were called and its a neighbour dispute problem or something?..but so far im pretty sure im in the right here?

… and breath…

BREATHE…with an E Matt…with an E…ha ha

But im serious !!! Its getting stupid …see i cant stick a big fat cigar in my mouth and forget the world like you can !!! it no fair !!!

lol - a big fat cigar cures everything… except my bad spelling of course!


It’s one of these funny ones I think. I think that if there is a drop curb there you can park across it so long as no vehicle is on the driveway. If it’s empty then you can.

He’s paid for his dro curb and the right to drive across it and usually for the coucil to adopt it and maintain it on his behalf. He hasn’t bought the road outside it.

Councils sometimes paint white lines across drives - these are called courtesy lines - they have no legal bearing as far as road traffic regs are concerned.

If he’d left his drive way empty and you parked and he damaged your car in trying to access it then he’s commited an offence.

I think.

oooooo life in the Nam!!! Don’t ya just love it!!

Blade, come move out to where I live, but I wont ave none of ya lip ya hear!!! It is still quite neighbourly where I am.

Im a Namster and wont be run outta town by phil mitchell and his moll!!!

I’b be more worried about the theivin illegals

Charlie! Charlie! Charlie! Charlie! Charlie!

sweetheart you know i love ya…but as soon as there is fisticuffs thats it…your man is in the wrong…

shouting dont get you anywhere as you found out and now you are so angry with your neighbours life will be hell

take flowers and apologise for striking the guy…whether he was in the wrong or not

ask him if it would be possible to park outside his house sometimes if it is too busy and assure him you will keep an eye on the parking situation and move it if he requires you to

get all the information you can on dropped curb law…know your rights and when you know them all…state them calmly… cos as soon as you start shouting you have lost the argument !

you are not backing down to him…you are preserving your own happiness for the future.

see you Saturday

Sal, fisticuffs only came out when the guy went to bend down to pick up this bat thing by his door? As for being neighbourly etc on the parking issue, that was my point? firstly im not in the wrong, i was nowhere near his kerb OR drive, years ago, the neighbours used to look out for each other, now with the “new” people moving in and out, noone trusts noone and new ones dont want to get to know anyone…blimey, half of em cant even work out when the rubbish is meant to be left out every damn week…so we have piles of huge cans of empty rice etc left on pathways all week till they come again!..but do we say anything? no…

Now you KNOW im not going to take flowers and such like, you know that dont you?..yeh you do i KNOW you do…if anything? HE should bring em to ME! I knocked to say i was willing to move my car, HE had blocked me in by now…and HE was the one charging out at me swearing etc…in fact at first, i thought he was having a laugh!

Ive got a copper for a neighbour and just called and asked him? he says im in the right, i wasnt parked anywhere near his kerb, that he only paid for the use of it to get into his front, as long as my wheels are not touching it or im not parked in his garden, im doing nothing wrong. And the fact that the guy went to his car, lifted the boot, told me to move my car or he will effing well show me what he will do etc…then telling me to go get my ol man etc etc…still with his hand on something in his car…is threatening behaviour, and also the fact he fronted my ol man is also threatening behaviour cos for all he knew the guy was gonna come at him with the bat…cos he got clobbered first is neither here nor there, it could have been my ol man getting hit first? (survival me dear…survival an all that)

Nah im waiting to see what the council warden says…they will see where i was parked in conjunction with the distance of the kerb, then they said they will write to the neighbour informing him that he doesnt own the street outside his home and he definitely can not tell us all that we have to leave that area clear…its already taken up 2 more car spaces him having it there anyway! …so sorreee mu friend Saleeeee…we are one but we’re not the same (as the song goes!!!)

Now you KNOW im not going to take flowers and such like, you know that dont you?..yeh you do i KNOW you do…

yep…i know, that you know, that i know, that you know, that i know you wont be taking flowers round

…but i bet it made you smile

and whoever gets hit first is the one in the right…right …whether you are both wrong, right…but that dont make it right…right

but for peace sake…take the bl**dy flowers round…then your in the right…right

…and now you know why i’m moving to a field in Cornwall…with internet access of course!!

Bloody hell woman - you do end up in some situations!!

I’m on your side with this and your neighbour deserved getting knocked out, not that I condone violence of any sort

Err…right already !!! (but no flowers…can i take a gun? no?..oh ok…what about a bunch of flowers made to LOOK like a bat? it, not doing it then…)

by taking flowers you are saying ‘sorry I was wrong’ even though you were right . . . . right ?

he sounds like a right ******, but in the interests of a peaceful life I would back down and apologise, apart from anything else if you ever move it is now a legal requirement to disclose any dissagreements with your neighbours and I would’t want to move next door to that ******!

Hey, u got a piccy of my bike !!! dont worry, the bladesta bitch will have the last laugh…he will be sent a letter after the council come down…i wasnt near his place, i offered to move back for him, he obviously came from another area and brings his attitude with him, all this my s**t dont stink crap! funny that tho, cos when he got smack in the chops, he did smell bit funky !!!

Nasty stuff.

Personally I’d wage an ill tempered guerilla war with them both over the next few months/years. Keying cars, slashing tyres, encouraging cats to **** in their garden. Its the only language these types understand. Or move to Hackney.

Back when I were a lad, I remember when this were all ASBOs - far as the eye could see…

I thin you did it right to be honest , its just a real shame that the guy was punched as that gave him an advantage over you which is now pretty much irrepairable, in a court they’ll here that you started the violence which will turn things against you, arguing in their face does achieve a good result most of the time as people who are anti social are usually abject cowards (like the 14 year olds who I chased the other night for breaking my fence - they havn’t been back).

Its the nature of the South east though - people are just falling more and more into the rat race stupidity and are caring less and less.

DON’T BE NICE OR TRY TO MAKE UP - Its a sure sign of weakness, I used to be like this and scared of my own shadow in the end and all that happened is the neighbours took the p**s, one night I changed for good now I shove them back on the trains, close doors in their faces and argue back full force and guess what…

no problems at all now…bizarrely I’m much more relaxed as I feel Im standing up for myself not sitting around wondering what will happen next, the reality is all the idiots making life uncomfortable for others can’t stand it being done to them and have alot less tolerance than you - so go get em…

p.s If you want to shove em around etc theres an easy answer - its called a citizens arrest - kneeling on their back can impart quite a useful lesson and you can’t be arrested for it if you had reason to do it.

as he said

take flowers rounds and put some black widow spiders in them lol