well ist mega late and im stil up!!

see a few others are too!:D:w00t::D:hehe::cool:

I just got up…been to bed and done the neccessary now up to turn all the lights off and to do a bit of ebay…why you still up…

I don’t know why i’m still up, think its all you crazy people on msn’s fault!! I’m tired tho and still chilly from tonights ride out!

Im sitting at work watching rubbish programs,i will be finishing at 6 and then off for 3 days yippy

erm cos i am!

rode home from teh sq logged in…stayed logged in! must be nuts!:w00t::stuck_out_tongue:

Well i wont be getting no sleep atall im picking up my ninja900 from norwich in great yarmouth this morning get home get change then me and the gf will be going to my mums there having a birthday party for me tonight im gonna be knackerd i have a busy day ahead of me:hehe:

why you watching rubbish programs dave…what you doing…security or something

yep thats what i do its great money easy work and 5 mins from my house.I used to work for thames water b4 fixing broken water mains,i much preffer this job im in the warm,no sky just warm pie lol:D

Morning all

Just in from work, it’s horrible out there on the roads.

yup, proper slippy!:w00t:

morning chunks…that zx9r looks cool dave…nice bike how old…you like the kwakers…I used to be an avid triples man but modern bikes are slowly wooing me away…although I have just bought a few more H2’s are great bikes…really want to rebuild a few with modern cycle parts and have a bit of fun with them…

I just love the colour of it i cant wait to start adding extras to it i love the idear of adding a blue flame to it.The bike is an L reg

yes we had about five minutes of sleet hail and then about a minute of pure snow…rain now…no more snow…I have a few thousand trees to remove tomorrow, well will get through a few not many…well my son will, and I will be working on my KH500. And on the RGV…after my other son got to it with a gold spray can…grrrr…

Well i`ve just got up and the rest of you are going to bed so good night.:smiley:

What were you doing up that early!? I went to bed then, just got up now! :stuck_out_tongue:

you lazy…:stuck_out_tongue: i been up for at aleast an hour!:smiley:

well up again!

thsi giving up teh smoke stuff is a pain in the ass!:hehe::w00t:

I am up too,

Gonna feel it tuesday when its back to work after all these late nights and getting up late :stuck_out_tongue:

i need sleep lol

dont you hate it, when your too tired to go upstairs to bed? lol

best has to be Ginger left the sq last night rode straight to the ferry onto the boat over to belgium on his own came back via ranas and mine this afternoon then home to bed, i bet he is sleeping well,