thats cos he is macp nuts!!:D:P

sharpest tool in the box aye ginger;)

glad he made it there and back ok tho:)

yup, back to routine tommrrow i think…oh but i dont want to!!!:P:D

Good news! I was a bit concerned when the really bad conditions set in.

Yea, I’m macp awake as well! Stressing out over business plans and what to do next.
TBH, I’d just like to get on my bike (or a bigger, better one) and ride off somewhere; although I’d probably choose the med instead of Belgium :wink:

just got off playing COD 4…dam its addictive…

just realised the bloody time too…god…it flies when ur having fun…lol


just in from work . . . . . . Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is gonna get addictive!:smiley:

I’m still on San Andreas/ PS2!

Just in from work, minus 2 out there and very very white.

Take it easy in the morning


nah was up at 930am

its all in a good cause me going over there

hows your chocolate andy

its macp pukka, cheers mate gonna try hiding some till next week when we are out, but dont hold your breath.

yeah it is macp nice

well im off to do manly things like watch the footie, and go to the mother in laws for dinner…:D, id much rather be out on the bike.:smiley:

yup, left collier row bowling place at about 11.45 last nite, ice on teh seat, very cold and piles of grit on teh corners…lovely:w00t:

yep the macp gritters were on the road last night in acton and that was about 7.00pm

Surprised you could even get a lane there…weve been trying for past 4 sundays to get a game !! they keep telling us to book it, but we never know if we def want to go or not…its a last min decision usually…but damn…can never get a game !! doubt i would take my bike and park it up there either…theres too many kids lurking about in the car park as it is !! This weekend has been a complete no no…been nowhere and done nothing…cept housework doh !! im hoping to get to southend tomorrow but oh well…lets see huh ??? :slight_smile:

ah, was a mates birthday, he booked up a lane in advance, i can find out how in advance it was if ya like? i didnt bowl, looks liek fun tho wil have a go next time:) yeah i did think that but then i took it so i could go when i wanted really, didnt fancy drinking either:w00t: kids…wouldnt worry about them, was busy there, old bill came down a few times and cruised the car park, bouncers were about, anyway she was all chained and alarmed up, if any one molested her i would kill 'em! plus teh amount of times i nipped out for a smoke i kept close eye on her.:wink: well might well see ya at sarfend blade!:cool: