KTMmartin's tour of the North

Diary of my impromptu escape. Sometimes life’s challenges are best contemplated on two wheels…

Bike packed and ready… and then not ready!

Having never been to the Peak District, it stuck out as an area to stop off at for the first evening.

As a fan of the Youth Hostel organisation, you may spot a theme…

Oh dear! Poor bike!

What happened? Overloaded one side with Port (or Vodka)? :pinch:

[hope bike okay!]

Day 2 - Matlock to Grasmere

Escaping the Peak District via the Snake Pass and others.

After realising that I also hadn’t ridden the Lake District, a route was thrown together to take it in too.

Motorways had been avoided so far, so it seemed fitting to make the decision that all motorways will be banned for this trip!

speak to the Jets about the Lakes. Mr J lived there and knows EVERTHING!!! We had a wonderfull ride there. Mountainbiking on sportbikes and FLAT OUT on sportbikes in 1 day!!! maaaaaaaavelous!

Ahhhh mate that looks amazing. I hope you are enjoying your trip! Ride safe buddy!

Keep us updated with lots more pics! :slight_smile:

Love the Lakes when it’s not to busy. :slight_smile:
Maybe we could redo the Twelve Lakes in one day tour me and Chris did a few years ago. :smiley:

that looks amazing.

and you’ve got the weather on your side this week.

This sounds fun. I was in the Lakes last week (I go there every year about this time) and you can’t go there without doing the Hardknott/Wrynose Pass. Location here. Be sure to do it westwards, from Ambleside.

Have a great time!

Enjoy! Looks sweet.

Day 3: Grasmere to Glasgow

The weather got in the way today, from start to early finish

Took eezyrida’s suggestion despite the weather…

Had aimed to take more photos but it was too wet!

I had planned to stop at Loch Lomond, but after being utterly wet through abandoned the day 30 miles early in Glasgow. Reason: probably stuck for a few days, and Glasgow has internet!

Think you`ll find it was thirteen.:smiley:

Sorry the see the weather wasn’t kind to you.

Not sure how far north you’re planning to go but the Applecross route (westwards) is a lot of fun, then up towards Loch Torridon. This campsite’s 20p per night and there are some fantastic roads nearby like the A832 (via Gairloch), A835 and the other roads from there heading up to Durness.

You don’t go to Scotland for the weather Martin

My trip last year was something on the lines of Googlie Maps wotsit

Happy days

Thanks eezyrida and Art - both good suggestions, with Art’s map including that Applecross run… I was debating whether to cut via Oban or not, and to take the Mallaig ferry to Skye. Thoughts very welcome!

Hey Martin

There is a village called Lochgoilhead which is a little way west of loch lomond

Sorry didn’t finish that…

It is an absolutely gorgeous village which you have to visit! There are two single track roads that lead to the village from up in the hills… Go down on one and up the other, both lovely roads. You cut off the A83 to get there!

Also nearby…

There is a town called Garelochhead where there is a big naval base. There is a road directly north from there which takes you alongside the Loch… It is a fantastic road! Hardly any traffic, recently resurfaced, and has loads of up and down up and down undulating peaks and troughs. Looming at g maps it’s the A814 from Garelochhead to Arrochar. There’s a great little chip shop on the main road in Arrochar as well;)


Plockton’s quite nice as well, with great views over Loch Carron and its odd climate means tropical palm trees thrive there (ok so they’re actually native to New Zealand, but they look tropical).

Cut across to Oban on a tour of Scotland about 15 years ago, seem to remember being a little disappointed at it, had a look around Sea World and left.

Routes to Skye [include the B863 Kinlockleven Tourist Route or not]A82 through Fort William, A87 to Shiel Bridge then the Old Military Road to Glenelg, ferry to KylerheaA82/A861 Coran Ferry by passing Fort William on the A861 (western banks of Lock Linnhe), A830 to Mallaig, ferry to ArmadaleBest of both - A82/A861 Coran Ferry and double back on A830 to A82, A87, the Old Military Road to Glenelg, ferry to Kylerhea

Waking up to a brick building shaking from the wind was my first clue that today would not be the best day for riding along the coast.

A day off for washing, and being a tourist around Glasgow.