KTM Superduke 990 stolen nr. St Thomas' Hospital

Taken earlier today between 1130 and 1600.
Black with orange trim
Totally stock model, paint bubbling on tank (exposing white under cost in places, tank is black). Otherwise immaculate. Just over 13k miles.
Was parked in private gated car park behind royal street (but which has pedestrian access). Guessing somebody had to carry it out, probably to order.

2nd bike theft this year for me! Damn this sucks. At least the police bothered to turn up this time :(. Last one was stolen from near canary wharf, where they kept me waiting till 1030 at night until I gave up on them. If anyone spots it, please let the police know. I don’t want it back if it’s been ridden by youths or has passed through the hands of criminals.

What security did it have?

Nothing special. Steering lock, tracker, covered by multiple security cameras, and surrounded by public. Tracker is already dead (not many places to hide it on the Superduke) so guessing they found and killed it.

Sorry to hear that and yet again shocked at how often these threads are being created lately. Your insurance must be skyrocketing at the moment!

Yep! It quadrupled last time around (and causes no end of headaches). Still have a complaint going through the fso for miselling by the broker. Not sure I want to know what it’ll be now. It’s almost cheaper to commute by uber (30 miles each way).

Who’s the bigger gang of thieves?

Who's the bigger gang of thieves? yourebarred
Between the insurance industry, the bike thieves, the purchasers and uber there's probably not much in it FMPOV. Can just about understand the police only have limited resources and probably have higher priorities (though a bait bike operation surely couldn't be that expensive to run given how many get stolen and bike theft gangs will clearly link to higher/more organised crime).

At least the uber driver got me home last night - just hope he made some money out of it as the journey took him out of his normal area.


Shit … sorry to hear that and shit … that’s VERY close to me …

I’m gonna sound harsh here but a highly desirable KTM left alone for 4 1/2 hours in central London with no meaningful security ( manufacturers steering locks might as well be made of chocolate and security cameras only show “a number of youths wearing hoodies and tracksuit bottoms” if they carried/pushed to a Transit out of sight).

If by “steering lock” you mean a disc lock that’s good for a 10 minute pop into the newsagents but not for anything more, then that’s better but scrotes seem to bust them in minutes and “two beefy blokes and a Transit” will have it away in 10 seconds…disc lock as well.

Tracker - useful in getting it back once stolen but never think it gives you any peace of mind that it will be there when you get back because of any Tracking device fitted…

Almax it to something using the thickest chain you can carry…or leave the bike at home…otherwise it won’t be lomg before it’s gone (even Almax can be overidden in time of course but your chances of keeping it increase dramaticaly).

No I am NOT turning the blame from the scrotes to the victim but, like I don’t leave my wallet on an empty table in a pub when I go to the loo, I understand that you have to take basic security measures for an unattended bike left for more than an hour.

I’m not trying to beat up Rhuno either, hopefully he’s learned his lesson and it’s too late and I know how he must feel…gutted. No I’m aiming at anyone or everyone out there who may think that their bike is safe for hours because it’s alarmed, disc-locked - steering locked and covered by security cameras…it ain’t!

Finally I think insurance companies are grade-A cunts too BUT if someone came to you with a history of having expensive bikes stolen and said “Hi Mate…just bought a beautiful bike worth £12k if I give you £500 a year will you guarantee to pay me back the £12k ( take out a Wonga Loan or summit) if it gets stolen?”

Would you say yes???

From the original post, iIt was in a private gated car park so not like it was just left on the street

From the original post, iIt was in a private gated car park so not like it was just left on the street monkimark

has pedestrian access though Mark - anyone can wander in as no security guard at the gate is mentioned.

…and how many times have I heard of bikes being nicked at such a place, gate locks tampered or a simle piece of cardboard jammed in the latch - easy/

I remember a Panigale nicked last year form a 24-hour guarded compound…builders had been using a side gate which they “forgot” to lock.

Also a brand new MV stolen from a 24-hour guarded steel-gated Chelsea car park, nobody to this day knows how.

I wouldn’t trust them at all - and for £150 I would Almax it every time

Having said that I can see how Rhuno thought it was safe if the gates were locked - but how often has false security lulled us into finding our pride and joy has been nicked?

Any joy getting it back???

Ian - keep it safe! (Though I doubt any location in London is safe).

Ross - harsh, but mostly fair and useful warning to anyone else. Value/desirability of the bike and security doesn’t seem to make much difference to either the theives or the insurers - my last bike was a knackered old thing with plenty of security - still stolen. When i insured it (immaculate insurance history at that point) & the KTM no matter what security options i chose it made <2% difference to the premiums so clearly the insurance companies don’t see security as significant. I guess it could be other factors in my situation that dominate the premiums (though i can’t imagine what) - either way the insurance companies didn’t seem to think additional security would be useful.

Also Almax chains are only useful if where you park has something substantial to chain onto. If they can’t wheel it away, they’ll just throw it in a van or stick it in a wheel barrow and be gone. Maybe it might delay them slightly which might just save a bike but it seems a marginal improvement. And leaving the bike at home isn’t really an option when its the only practical way of getting to work.

In retrospect, i wonder if the the best preventative step would have been to stick a shabby old scooter cover over it so it was less noticable.

Groovy baby… no joy, and not expecting any - oh, you’ve been banned apparently!

Have a Fonzy brotherman


:) thx!

No Problem I hope it put a smile on your face! But I think getting your bike stolen isn’t such a bad thing…

You will now be getting a new one​:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Almax it to something using the thickest chain you can carry...
Triang - Ross
I had a second ST3 stolen Monday night from Chelsea. Almax Immobiliser Series IV Uber + Squire SS65CS Lock chained to the thickest motherfucking bar you can imagine, bolted to concrete on street furniture under cctv... no match for an angle grinder... luckily the bike was found 2 hours later couple of miles away on Wandsworth because it has a tracker... broken steering lock and ignition barrel damaged... datatool s4 alarm ripped off from under the seat... I am buying another almax but I know if they want the bike they will bypass any chain... 

What tracker?

bike trac