KTM 690 Engine Guard

Installed a KTM engine guard on the SMC tonight. The hope was that it would make it easier to rest the bike nice and stable on a stand, but the stands too tall in its low position, gah (where are you meant to find jack-up stands that fit??).

At least the engine is protected now if I get carried away on the bike.





Don’t know why but I remember it being tricky finding a stand for my SMC. When I bought it I had to buy specifically for sm or sth like that because most are for the enduros that are taller…

That needs powder coating orange.

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How much noisier is it now?
I know a few people add sound deadening material to the bash plate to quieten it down.

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Noisy? Uh oh, I’m not expecting it to make anything noiser. We’ll have to see.

It would look better power-coated black, eh? It’s a bit ugly :frowning:

If you do power coat it and then ‘use’ it, then it’ll look terrible and scratched

Anything of use

This is a very good point.

Yeah maybe. This one has wheels and is cheaper (need to check the min-height):

Motocross Scissor Lift for KTM 690 SMC/ R MVR | eBay


Also quite like this one for being able to confidently move it around the garage, though the downside is you need to attach a mounting plate to the bike. On the upside this would be great for cleaning the bike on!

Center Paddock Stand Lift ConStands Power for KTM 690 SMC/ R 19-20 orange | eBay

Neither are super cheap. My current (but useless) stand is like this for about £50:

Was gonna say, can you get an abba skylift to fit? Can use it for the GS as well then

its come up a few times on DRZ pages.

ill see if it can find the lift i have, as it almost fits the drz on SM wheels (it works if pull up on the subframe as i slide the stand under)

As nivag said. Had a few over the years, alloy bash plates definitely resonated the most.
The sound deadening stuff does help tho. Good excuse to go carbon :rofl:

Wot he said.

Costs a bit more, but well worth it, as it give’s you so much more than the other ones you’ve posted.

Do agree abba stands are good. For best results though you do need access to swingarm pivots but you can use other points if the adapter kits are purchased .
I have to remove a covering plate to use onthe gtr but sooo handy

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Did have the Warrior stand ( Demon tweeks stock) ( similar to the Constand ) but as you say having the adapter points didn’t really blend in to the bike but i know people swear by them .
You could always place two planks of a determined height place bike wheels on them and use your existing Jack/Stand to raise ( as ido with abba as the swingarm pivots are a tad lower than the stand will drop on gtr

Just go to the gym abit more and lift the bike on!
It’s just a single :rofl:


I use my brain, not my brawn, @Panagiotis, tsk :slight_smile:

Will look at Abba lifts, ta chaps.

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Don’t see anything mentioned on their site in regards to an adaptor for the SMC. Did ask on Twitter but notice they haven’t been active since 2018, lol.

They need access to swingarm pivot bolt for the main lifting which i can’t see on your pics…
BUT they do a alternative lift point that will mount on a hanger bolt or such like …
I personally wouldnt full lift my 400kg bike on it but will happily front or rear lift on them
Your bike being lighter should be fine

Skyliftis expensive and takes upa bitof space but it does make up for it

I asked them for mine and the reply was that they don’t have one.
The pegs don’t allow the arm to lift the bike up

Hi, Unfortunately we do not list a fitting kit for that model.

Is this for a superbike stand or a sky lift?

If you can supply some pictures of the bike with the swing-arm pivot nut
sizes we can look into if anything might be suitable.

Best regards

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