Knee down on a Honda Hornet Challenge

Ok folks, before i feck off to Afghanistan I have a challenge for yous. On Sunday, at Box Hill, I was informed by two gentlemen of my acquaintance that it was impossible to get your knee down on a Honda Hornet, you 'knee’ded a sports bike LOL:D

Elad has since stepped in to offer to prove me wrong.

Now before this bike is sold, I want to know if anyone wishes to prove to me that you can indeed get your knee down on a Hornet. If anyone is up for the challenge I shall bring it to the BCR roundabout.

Only criteria - NO ONE trashes or bins it, as I still will need to sell it!!

Can it be done, or is this an impossible feat?

Is this a joke!! :unsure:

Hehe Dont think so!

Would love to take Hels up on her offer, but there is no way I could pay for it if I binned it!!

Guess you could show them this video…:

hmmmmm i could try:D i can get KD on that rounabout no probs;)

Okay - we have Ratty and Elad up for the challenge. No, I was told in all seriousness it could not be done on a Hornet, but I am thinking they might have meant it could not be done by ME on a Hornet LOL:D:D

I shall watch the You Tube Video now and see.

easy! but i also have the record for the most consecutive crashes so not a good idea. i dont mind showing you but if it goes wrong you would be on ur own there. sory

Can anyone do it properly then without crashing? Eh?:P:D

That bloke on the YouTube says he has a Hornet, but you can’t see what kind of bike he has got as he is going too fast:)

well that bloke is me lol and its a bog standard heap of crap hornet i used to hoon around on. i also raced hornets last year taking many race wins…always knee on the deck.

so tell the idiots who reckon its impossible to stick it where the sun don’t shine lol

Is that really you mate? Have you got it on fast forward? Where’s the heavy metal music soundtrack? :D:D

How tall are you? Does that help?

Maybe they meant I could not do it on a Hornet, in which case they may be right:D:D

infact…you can do most things on a hornet…

all me by the way lol

the shed of a hornet i referred to. i managed never to crash it…

my old race hornet. just a standard hornet with bridgestone tyres

if you want me to do it on your bike no worries. i love making over confident crotch rocket riding eejits eat their words.

lol not on fast forward. there is another vid on there going the other way round the bend. i’m 6ft tall and a bit wonky being full of metal. being tall only makes you look more stupid doing it lol…just go fast enough and you’ll get it easy peasy. Hornets handle a dream and suprise most.

seb’s bang on.

hels i have the exact same bike as you and keen knee down no probs. knee & toe slider at the same time being my favourite :slight_smile: i’d come and show you on your bike if i could get up before 9am on a sunday morn. not that you now need me too. seb’s posts say it all :wink:

Well I’m 5 foot 5, although am taller with my biker boots on, so maybe there is hope LOL:D

The guys that told me it could not be done are really lovely fellas, but maybe they were trying to make me feel better, after me attempting the Pirbright Esses on Sunday and having NO CHANCE of a knee down!!

Yeah Hornets are the business, would love to see it done on mine - great pics eh Seb, that proves it can be done!! Maybe I can bring it to the roundabout after 9 am for Ad to prove his point too!! I think if I tried a knee down it would end in disaster, a foot down maybe:)

Sorry Hels but you CAN get your knee down on a hornet and the blokes who said you can’t do not know what the f*ck their talking about…bet they never even been on a hornet :doze:

never ridden a hornet but my 600 bandit goes well :D:D:D





Ok then, how do you get your knee down?

  1. it seems to be you have to have your leg out at a right angle with your knee stuck out as far as.

  2. Seems you have to be a dab hand at cornering

  3. Obviously helps to have long legs and be tall

its…its…fluro…not its not!! its his fellow partner in fluro! tangoman!!:D:P:w00t:

nice shots tho…i need soem good KD shots…:wink:

NO ONE SHOULD EVER DIS THE HORNET! A BRILLIANT BIKE IN SO MANY DIFFERENT WAYS - I’m getting a bit emotional now, tearful even. . .:crying::wink:

AHEM!..its a lovely bike…BUT…its not a V-TWIN! :angry:…get down and gimme 50 marine…:D:D:D:D:P:D

There there Sid Throttle, you have a little weep now fella:D

Okay is there any bike that you can’t get your knee down on? A Harley maybe?