Knee down on a CBR

Hey guys…

I was out Saturday and couple of the member of LB and were playing around (Knee down)… very tempting!

I’ve managed to get my boot to touch the ground when turning but I would like to learn on how to get my knee down without killing myself.

Any advice?

p.s. I’m on a CBR 125 :D:D:D

Probably best not to post about it on the internet first…

Second plan of action would be to meet someone that can do it and get some tips in person :stuck_out_tongue:

May be a silly question… why not?

There’s tutorials on youtube, have a search. I watched the MCN vids to get pointers etc. I’ll look for a link.

I have heard rumours that kneedown on a public road can be viewed as dangerous driving, plus the fact that there may well be speeding going on, so posting on a public forum about it and then saying “if you’re interested in where this occurs officer, why not have a look near…” might be top of the list of ‘stupid things to do’ …I would suggest editing the original post.

Obviously you’ll be practising these technicques not on public roads :wink:


Can it be done on a CBR 125?

Also how much to you lean your bike? Because I don’t want to be sliding off.

Lean your bike until you hear a scraping sound…if you’ve done it right, it’ll be your knee slider, if not it’ll be your bike sliding down the road!

(Make sure your tyres are warm first too)

Should I be extending my knee all the way before I get the bike at the angle?

Yes, but, as I mentioned before, talking about it on the internet (and to a point watching videos) is not really going to help. Why do you want to get your knee down on a 125 on L plates anyway?

Yes, I’m sure there’s a youtube vid of someone KD’ing two up in the wet on a CBR125 on normal road tyres, so it’s easily possible. It’s all about body position and leaning the bike. Best off doing a trackday (yes even on your 125), far safer place to practice body position, lean angle and corner speed needed to get it right…


Can’t be giving you advice as I’ve yet to KD myself. I think there are two ways of doing it, one hanging off the bike or two leaning the bike more. I tried the hanging off method and found it not natural and much prefer leaning the bike but I’ve yet to KD…

bit of scaremongering dont you think…???
it’s not as if he’s publicly planning a bank job.
If there’s a roundabout on any half quiet road i’m sure plod are well aware bikers will kd around it.
the spot we go in gjgjjgkgklg has scores of bikers on it all scraping away for hours on end. (and have done for years)

what the police in that spot dont like are the boy racers in their cars that will use the same place to drift or attempt to drift and end up flipping their cars…

Well I’ll more than happy to give it a go on your bike :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, let’s see…no, no scaremongering there, just a statement of a few facts and a suggestion.

yeah as i said scaremongering…

Yeah, as I said, not scaremongering.

Busy day at work?

HAHA can you tell.
actually on nigths this week but because 1) neighbour building an extension 2) halfterm kids playing in the cul de sac 3)post knocking to leave stuff for other neighbours i’ve had the sun total of 2 hours sleep a day for the last 2 days.