Knee down action

Do the pro riders out there remember the first time you got your knee down? Where you trying, or did it just happen? How long had you been riding?

I have just been reading an arcticle in Bike magazine about when road riders first started emulating GP riders with some knee down action. I have only been riding 2 years and im still struggling to scuff my knee sliders!! Bit more practice at the roundabouts at park rotal this weekend i think!

Most people I know who have done it on ordinary roads, don’t really do it very much cause it is far too dangerous.

Quiet roundabout is one thing, but coming around a corner which may be blind, could have anything in the road etc etc makes it a bit silly for everyday use.

I have managed it on roundabouts, but not in ordinary riding, not from a lack of trying, despite my words of wisdom above, just mainly due to my inability to get hanging off the bike fast enough or far enough while travelling at higher speeds.

I hear what you are saying about blind corners, or generally roads which are unfamiliar. When i go for a ride with my old uni buddy down near basingstoke he takes me out on some great roads where you can see the entire corner and some are so sharp as if riding on roundabouts, he loves getting his knee down then but he knows the roads inside out. These roads are the only place i have riden where it seems practical to get your knee down. Still i want to be able to do so for track days etc, and so i dont look like a newbie with my pristine sliders!

Hi - me too I think :slight_smile:

I seem to be able to lean the bike over enough … next step is just the “leaning off and over” to get that darned knee down (and maybe around a few corners faster :slight_smile: )

I’ve been tempetd to go to “Knee Down School”, especially as its near my home town in South East Wales. Though lots of people recommend hanging around a good roundabout … as it were :smiley:

Let me know (via PM) if and when you’re heading down the roundabouts - I need to fully scrub in my tyres! (they’ve only done about 2000 miles already!)

I’m more concerned about chicken strips than kneedown.

I’m still trying to scrub off that pesky last millimeter of virgin rubber on the edge of my 190 section pilot 2CT. :slight_smile:

Strips are quiet easy to get rid of.

When I scrub in tyres I take a run to Finchingfield and back, scrubs in the tyres and eliminates the chicken strips by the time I get home.

A lot of riders I respect though suggest that having chicken strips is actually a good thing, as it leaves you somewhere to go in the event of a change mid corner, if you have no chicken strips you are on the edge of the tyre…so have nowhere to go should you find the need.

A great example is my post about being on a roundabout with a lorry that jumped a red light, had I been on the edge of the tyre I would not have been able to tighten my line to avoid the lorry.

i actually have the first time i got my kneedown on my ZZR600 at the roundabouts at park royal on video
have a look…
but then i kinda messed up after :frowning:

ouch, hope your bike didnt hit the curb or the camera man!??? how long had you been practising before you managed it?

i need to learn how to hang of the bike as you are in your video, i can lean the bike in but i am just not comfortable doing so when hanging of the bike and leaning forward. also i feel that my bike (er-6f) isnt best suited for hanging off it as a sports bike is.

The cameraman had to jump back other wise would have hit hit and i stopped bu the side of ride luckerly and i was up there for few weekends practicing with mates then this random dude on a ducati came along and started getting he’s kneedown and stopped to chat and offered to help me he followed me and watched then told me what was doing wrong on third attempt got it then mate filmed as went to do it again and thats when crashed ;(

i would say you can do it on any bike its what your use to like my ZZR is a sports tourer so quite big and bulky and i managed to do it but my mates on there R6’s, ninja’s, cbr’s still havent dont it lol

You just need to get your position right to do it… but to be honest even tho i done it you would be better asking someone with abit more knowledge then me about it as i only managed once but persist and the price will be yours :slight_smile:

If your going up on sat let us know could pop down with up…

You can KD any bike if you hang off enough, I’ve done it on all sorts of bikes

I first got my knee down in 1997 on a old GSXR 1100 which is like trying to hang off an oil tanker :smiley: After that I did it a lot just for show but to be honest got bored with it when I realised my mates all went faster through the corners while tucked in and also when I crashed a ZX9R while doing it. Doh. As for chicken strips, I like to leave a bit there just in case like Kaos stated.

Never managed it on a roundabout as get too dizzy going around. Depending on track manage if most corners, although really fast riders tell you that it limits speed / they try not to for more clearance.

Done it only once on road (B500) on repeating an excellent corner numerous times. Usually far too dangerous to do on the road due to surface crap, other traffic.

You can do it on any bike; saw someone at Lydden doing it on a 1950s Enfield, going around the outside of sportsbikes.

Keep practicing your body position and push your arse back / don’t shag that tank.

I have never been told that one before, thanks for the tip.

First time for me was going the wrong way around a roundabout… Well, the right way in France. Took me a few years to get round to it to. Great feeling first time. :smiley:

Thats not a great roundabout in Park Royal, it’s blind, you can’t see traffic joining the roundabout untill it’s too late. Tibbets Corner on the A3 much better… much safer than park royal with more space to play with. MUCH MUCH easier to learn on :wink:


very true

wow, you are barley leaning the bike over at all!

does that look like a hornet to you?? :stuck_out_tongue:

My first knee down was Druids at Brands Hatch with the help of the instructor :P, not been able to manage it on roads, unlike other half who is always getting his knee down on the roads!

^^^^^^ Pan’s photo above - hahaha now that’s just funny