Kit for DAS - Can I get away with it?

My instructor said it is good to make a good impression on examiner and part of this is having the right kit.

Is he right do you think and if he is what should I get?

I am hesistant to go out and buy gear, because I don’t even know what sort of bike I will be getting, it could be a Harley, it could be a Hornet. Equally, not sure if I want to wear Textiles or Leather yet either.

I won’t actually be riding on the road till September, you see, but have my DAS starting this Fri - test next Wednesday. So that gives me this Thurs/next Tuesday only.

Where in London can I go to try on every make of lid, etc?

he said at the very least I should get a jacket, but at the moment I only have a pair of trainers…

It is all there for a reason you know - not just to look good. You ought to think about that as well.

But what I mean Jet - don’t you get given it for DAS?

I think what my instructor meant was that it looks ratty??

it doesnt matter if you wearing hand me down clothes or brand new rukka clothes.

use the kit thats on offer they wont fail you for looking rough.

if you set on getting something go buy youself a helmet gloves and books the rest can wait till you know what bike you want to ride but i cant say much ive bought a silver biker and ride around wearing red and black leathers so it really doesnt matter

Not really the sensible option,
but if you really dont want to buy all the gear now, buy a 1-piece waterproof suit, about £30?
looks sensible and will cover up the clothes you are wearing

tbh i wouldnt bother with a lid - borrow the training schools ones thats what theyre there for! then save up afterwards and buy the best one after trying them all on without being in a rush :slight_smile:

i got some £20 boots and £40 leathers off ebay for mine, then got the decent stuff after id passed and saved up some more cash :slight_smile: i was never told to impress the examiner though :w00t: maybe even borrow some stuff of a mate if you can/it fits? :slight_smile:

So they should provide boots, etc and a jacket right?

I’m just confused why the bloke said it.

I imagine they should provide stuff, but I’d check with the person you’re doing the training with

They won’t provide boots and a jacket, they will provide gloves and a helmet…but I bought my own, didn’t want to be wearing stinking stuff that’s had god knows what abuse.

As far as the examiner is concerned he couldn’t care less what you are wearing, but first impressions are important and wearing suitable (not necessarily new or expensive, just sensible) gloves and footwear will help show you are a sensible risk concious rider who has been listening to his instructors. Don’t worry if you have to borrow these or they are tatty. What you don’t want to do is turn up with no gloves and flip flops - some people do apparently and examiners must despair!

Hmm, I am really not sure what to do then. I have no one I can borrow from. :frowning:

And don’t have the time or money to get some now, even cheap off Ebay, because its only a few days away. : /

when i done my dsa all they didnt have was boots for us for borrow

I’ve got a spare helmet if you want to borrow one?

Firstly good luck with your test!! My advice would be to make do with the helmet and gloves from your school - yes they will be posibly a bit ratty but try to get at least a pair of boots (I found that trainers just slip off the pegs when I was learning when it was wet), and see if you can borrow a jacket. Don’t worry too much about the examiner, he would have seen all sorts but it’s important that you feel comfortable and relaxed. My training school took me through a couple of “tests” before hand and they made the actual one feel pretty easy in comparison

Ok, I will try and get some boots.

And I am willing to get some decent ones. Where can i go in London to have a good look a try a load on?

infinity motor cycles clapham are good

Infinity looks good, thanks.

Only shame is that they dont seel TCX boots. My plan was to try some TCX on, and then go and pick up under the Oxtar name, which will be loads cheaper. Found somewhere online for 90 quid.

For my DAS we got helmet, gloves and protective textile jacket. We also got over trousers for the rain. The trousers had no protection and boots were down to you.

If you’re gonna buy a bike then it makes sense to get the gear as early as possible and make use of it. If not then see what you can borrow or go on ebay/loot etc

When I did my DAS, I had everything except boots. I wore my trainers for one session then went straight out and bought some cheap boots in Hein Gericke for £60. Once I passed my DAS I bought some Daytonas and sold my HG boots for £45 on ebay - so you could always buy some kit for now and then sell them on ebay after your test…

They don’t need to be bike boots.Anything leather, with no steel toe caps, that securely fastens and covers and supports the ankle is better than no boots at all.