Killer #1's Infamous Drinking Occassion III

Well it’s been a while since the last one - the night’s are drawing in, and there may have been some birthdays to celebrateLast event went off in Holborn - anyone averse to same location?

Time: 6-ish onwards

Date: Fri 28th Sept

Location: Penderel’s Oak, Holborn

See here:


Quickly checking diary :cool:

I’d be up for the 28th - already out on the 5th for my bday :slight_smile:

either or for me mate

28th looking good for us too :smiley:

28th looks good for me…but Wetherspoons, Eric you tight @rse!! lol

A few of us have a trackday at Mallory on 29th, so can’t make 28th, I vote for 5th Oct :slight_smile:


It’s easy to get to, close to Soho, n do food for those that think eating is NOT cheating

It’s not full of usual Wetherspoon regulars - coffin dodgers pickling themselves!:w00t:

Would dearly love to but work Friday Nites:crazy:

And as usual… I’m not here for this one either … :ermm:

You’ve been banned after your behaviour at the last drinking event!!!:smiley:

Yes :smiley:

Should be stumbling properly by then :hehe: Q

mmmm drink :stuck_out_tongue: count me in :w00t:

Do u know if they’ll be showing the rugby? (England)

Will hopefully be there (fingers crossed).

Bump… :wink:

Can one of the mods move this to the new social outings section, please? :slight_smile:

Done :smiley:

Jesus Christ…Ok Ok…enough…

you have bent my arm !! :w00t:

I,ll be on leave from the workhouse and could do with a few cold ones !!!


This will be my first drinkies with Barro - I hope you can keep up ;):kiss: