Killer #1's Infamous Drinking Occassion III

I’m in Almeria mate otherwise I would have loved to have come.

Next time Eric - next time…:stuck_out_tongue:

Damn, damn, damn :frowning:

I’m partying already that night sadly.

Mmmmmmmmm payday - maybe. Got a kickboxing tornament to photog on Saturday night, damn could do with a good night out.:cool:

I never expect to see you at any of these events - if you turn up, I’ll probably ban you anyway for excessive promises broken

Barro - Good fella, be great to have you on board.

DomR - Almeria hey? Enjoy, if don’t see you on Sun (Got your tyres sorted yet?)

I wish it was this weekend as I’m off the road til Monday:angry:

First weekend I’ve had off in yonks:w00t:

If the boys can’t have all the fun, can the girls? :smiley:

It’s my two year anti anniversary so might be tempted to have a drink. :wink:

Never takes much of an excuse for you:PSee you on Friday:cool:

I want to join you guyz, but I’m working saturday. :crying:

Still on…

Not sure how many appearing, but I will be there from approx 6.30pm


Come on…





Well I have to say I was thinking of bailing on this night out this morning, I appear to have a cold coming, bit of a gravely throat and had my grumpy head on first thing but I’ve brightened up somewhat, unlike the weather, and am feeling more positive plus it’s been at least a week since the last time i went out and got battered so i think it’s probably due, plus it’s pay day so I guess I can afford it!

Not sure if I’ll arrive from work or come over later yet, I’ll see how the afternoon goes, for some unfathomable reason I always seem to be busy on a Friday afternoon, it’s really not on!! :wink:

Hopefully see you guys later… :smiley:

I wish I could come but I will be at 30,000feet as you are getting lagged;)

Have a good night peeps. Don’t take any prisoners;)


So where are you off to? Somewhere hot?

Well since the weather is foul and clearly not encouraging me out on the bike, I guess I’ll swing into town and join you all if that’s ok :slight_smile:

Be good to see ya again Andrew- more 7r talk:)

:frowning: We are not going to make this one as Grim is still in the throes of man flu.

Shame as we enjoyed the last one :slight_smile:

“man flu” ? Sounds very very serious :wink:

Oh yes - far worse than the flu I had the other week :Whistling::wink:

Eric, thanks for a great night out. Shame that so many didn’t turn up :frowning:

Roll on the next one x