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K&N air filters

I bought a bike that was completely stock so I assumed I would need a new air filter, bought a K&N race filter (6007R) but after opening it up today it already has a K&N standard filter (6007) … anyone have any idea how much difference there would be between the two?

Price wise it’s about £15 but the official site said the race filter is not intended for highways - trying to decide if I return it and invest the £60 in the next mod or swap it out for the race version.

Regardless of the difference I can guarantee you’ll not notice it on the road. I’d send the new one back.

K&N air filter not good for road use at all. Plenty online to show why. Stick a normal one in.

there are worth @ least 25bhp when you tell your mates down the pub you have a “Race Filter” Fitted

it best not to mention you use your bike for commuting

and don’t forget to declare the mod on insurance :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure if you know this, but that K&N air filter is washable and reusable - you needed to buy the cleaning kit not a replacement one.

Cleaning kit -

The K&N air filter can of worms previously debated on every motorcycle, car and petrol head website. The educated conclusion being don’t bother because fact is you will get better engine protection for less cost with a throw away Hiflo, Halfords, Bosch, Mann, Fram, Crossland or whatever impregnated paper air filter.

Although if you’re considering a proper full on track specification that is a whole different ball game requiring re-mapping, greater maintenance schedules, frequent engine re-builds etc.

So the idea is to track her occasionally when the new season opens up but mostly road use and although I am fitting a dynojet setup and plans to swap out the can when I have the funds, I agree with me_groovy probably best to send it back and invest in the next mod … although Wise makes a fair point XD

Does the fact you can re use it save you money in the long run?

Depends on how long you keep a bike I guess.

A Hiflofiltro air filter for my Fazer FZ6 costs £18.99 on eBay

A K&N costs £54.45

So I could buy 2.86 HiFlo ones before I recoup the cost of the K&N, that’s not including the cost of the cleaning solution and air filter oil and time taken to clean and re oil it.
But if you want to clean/change the air filter more offer then you’ll probably save more money than the single use equivalent.

Thanks I’ll be keeping this bike for a couple off years still

Is not that K&N suggest the cleaning every 40k miles which probably outlive the 2.86 hiflows 3 times or more :stuck_out_tongue:


I found you can get the performance of a k&n filter by putting the sticker on your multi decal panel of choice…

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A 13min video on air filters…

Interesting stuff but what’s missing?

  1. Why not an obvious 5th dyno run with no air filter?

  2. The K&N filter looked to be straight out of the box and not oiled which would allow a greater air flow vs a properly oiled mesh filter.

Note mesh filters such as K&N, other mesh filters are available, require oiling to protect the engine from the induction of dust and other airborne particles. The dust and airborne particles cling to the oil wetted mesh, its how they work hence the need to clean and re-oil mesh filters on a regular basis. Worth a mention the downside of oiling mesh filters is applying just the right amount of oil, too little and harmful airborne particles enter the engine, too much and there’s risk of causing damage to the Inlet sensors.

As far as I know you don’t need to oil a box fresh K&N air filter, it only needs oil when you’ve cleaned it.

i use pipercross filters & they say you can do either oil or no oil
but if you dont oil you need to clean it more often,
i have two one in the bike & one cleaned
i can swap them in 15mins & i soak the old one in parafin for a while & clean them ready for the next swap

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because that would show higher power figures and idiots would use that as an excuse to drive around with no filter fitted.

Anyone fancy a used air filter for a 600RR? I’m seeing mad power gains since I’ve removed it.