K&N air filters


A 20 post thread on air filters


There’s no accounting for the idiots


Yeah I know… Sad times. Next topic: Speedo backlight colour, does it make you go faster?


Only if it’s colour coded with your one piece obviously …


And risk damaging the engine.


Anyone would think this is a motorcycle forum :grin:


and risk damaging the engine…

Back in the day the modification pioneers would remove the stock air filters and fit a bell mouth extension with a gauze cover to increase air flow through re-jetted Amal carburettors. Some bell mouths could take up to three gauze covers for finer air filtration but I think the main idea of the gauze was to prevent the nuts, bolts and other small parts that frequently fell off from entering the carburettor.

Some men in sheds would fabricate their own bell mouth modifications using whatever they had to hand for the gauze, stainless steel tea strainers were one favourite. The design principals were simple enough. The steel gauze mesh had to be sturdy enough to prevent any distortion from all the huffing, puffing and wheezing from a normally aspirated hit and miss fuelling system and also to withstand the rage and fury of blow backs and misfires caused by a poor air:fuel mixture.

Nobody ever saw any problems with this and some of those engines lasted well over 20,000 miles on such set ups!


From the video the power gains looked negligible to me. Like gaining 5 BHP from a full exhaust system and a remap it won’t make you any faster in the real world.


Or even less for most and, despite the spurious claims above, it isn’t cost effective either.

Roll on a braided brake line thread where some fool ignores the fact he’s just replaced virtually all of his braking system (discs, pads, brake fluid, brake lines etc) and feels the brakes are so much more responsive solely because of the braided brake lines!

Boy racers eh, mostly two bob short of a picnic and totally away with the fairies when it comes to proper rock n roll.


The best is when you see a significantly obese man (I know, I was one) commenting on the weight benefit to performance of some microscopic bit of carbon…