June 2013 Land Of The Midnight Sun

A couple of years ago several of us headed down to Stonehenge on the summer Solstice, next I was thinking of doing something again, but a little different, heading north to the Arctic circle to spend an entire day in daylight (ok probably cold but that’s not the point).

I know the Jets did Norway the other year but has any one got any experience in riding in either Norway or Sweden, taking ferries or riding round there?

This marks the circle if your interested:


As quite a few people have expressed an interest I have now started the planning for this. Ultimately if this goes a head and you want to come a long, then it will be up to you to book ferries, hotels, etc.

So far I have knocked up the following out bound route:


So far the plan is :
Friday 13:00 Depart for Harwich ferry Terminal
18:00 Depart for Esbjerg, Denmark
Saturday 13:00 Arrive in Esbjerg, and depart for Hirtshals Ferry Terminal
20:45 Depart for Kristiansand, Norway
23:59 Arrive in Kristiansand,
Monday 300 - 400 miles
Tuesday 300 - 400 miles
Wednesday 300 - 400 miles
Thursday 300 - 400 miles Arrived Narvik in the Arctic Circle.

ooh when were you thinking of going? :slight_smile:

Thinking of third week in June sometime between 15th and the 23rd June.

doh! i should have read the title lol:) id be keen to go :slight_smile:

Id be up for this also Kev !!

yey, it looks amazing all around there

Looks like the ferry to Norway was withdrawn. :frowning:

So the options are getting a ferry from Harwich to Denmark, a dash across Denmark a further ferry to Norway and on from there. Or ride across the bridges connecting Denmark and Sweden, and ride through Sweden to Norway.

Or Euro tunnel, and ride through France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, and then into Denmark.

My original plan was to probably do it a lone, but it seems that there is some interest. Let me think about routes, and a plan because I was originally thinking about camping.

ok kool well id be interested.

Served my apprenticeship in the artic circle. 4 years of that sent my body clock into terminal confusion :-/

Had a look at Ferries costs etc and the journey seems cheap at £39 eah way , but itas the cabins etc that push costs up !

The ferry leaves Harwich at 1745 and arrives in Esbjerg in Denmark the following day at 13:00. I might be wanting a cabin for that.

Do they have a disco onboard ?

id deffo want a cabin

When I took the Harwich to Gothenburg 24 hour ferry a few years back they had everything on board.

Including more eye candy than you could shake a stick at, well it was the week before the start of the new Uni term and all the students were heading back home. The ferry had a quite end with cabins for the sleepers and the other end had 2 or 3 restaurants a couple of bars and yes, a disco too.

I think we may have the beginnings of a road trip. I’ll have to have a serious think about this all, find routes, and get everything planned. Looks like the getting the ferry on a Ferry evening would be a good start if you can finish work a little early and then come back the following Sunday arriving back on the Monday. Otherwise it would be to short.

What would people want for accommodation? Camping, B&B, hotels, Brothels?

If I do this I’ll have to keep the group small, no more than 6 or 8 people.

Fixed accomodation !

I rode to Sweden - took the tunnel to France, kept the sea on left arm, turned left at Denmark, then took the two bridges to Sweden. A slightly quicker route is the ferry from Putengarden.

That said - it’s still a **** of a long way to the arctic circle from south Sweden - but the chicks are seriously pretty :stuck_out_tongue:

That route is pretty easy (To Gothenburg) and also you get to stop in Amsterdam, Hamburg or Copenhagen - 3 cities well worth visiting.

You were an apprentice elf for Santa? :slight_smile:

prefer not to camp, but if we have to then we have to

he IS Santa.