Jodie Marsh

Hello you lot…

I have just received a phone call from MTV… Jodie has had a tattoo removed from her finger today and can’t get her glove on!!!

She won’t be coming to the meet tonight, BUT, will be there next week…

Her producers are really up for including Londonbikers on their show and are very sorry for messing us about…

I hope that this will not deter you from coming next week…


ha ha ha, sorry, ha ha ha

Now that’s what I call an excuse, none of that tired “dog eat my homework” rubbish.

The kids of today could learn a great deal from Ms Marsh.

They’re not really messing us about, it’s not like we’ve got anything better to do.

nevermind will just see her next week then.
thanks for lets us know foxy

She was actually going to ride there then, or was it a case of transport the bike there on the back of a truck and she can ride down the street?

Awwww, that’s a shame.

Maybe she could pretend that her bike has broken down and one of the guys just happened to be passing… He then brings her to the BMM? OK, I’ll stick to designing stuff rather than writing rubbish plots for TV shows [sigh].

fancy having a tatoo removed from ya finger? i thought what with her being the queen of beauty she wouldnt want any scarring?

She’s missed her chance then, after this week my next free Wednesday is the 1st of August…

Probably not Micky- you’ll still be back before she makes it at this rate!

See you tonight anyway…

Well now I’ve heard everything

Who’s this weeks stand in then ?

Thats a relief because it looks like I am going to be stuck at work & I know she was eager to meet me

I would say me… But I just ain’t got the baps!!!

Hehehe, me neither


ah dam really upset

OK, OK. Stop bragging

come on who is gonna be her stand in. we ll have brains here so it cant be any LB girls.

Are we talking about this:-

What has she got to do with LB.

I think Lustfish and Foxy as a ‘collective’ would more than make up for it…

Oh for God’s sake - she was supposed to be my stand-in this week. Oh well, I’ll get on the phone to Jennifer Aniston and she if she could make a special trip across the pond just for tonight.