Jetstream mildly miffed.

Took BB2 for a service today and got a Black Sprint ST as a courtesy bike (£1,000 excess)

Went to collect her and 400yrds from home I take a right at a T junction. Van stops and lets me half way. Range Rover behind me edges out on my left to turn right too. We both wait for a break in the traffic or a friendly soul to let us out. Someone slows and said Range Rover sets off, knocks off my left peg, runs over my left foot and crushes my calf against the Bike. Naturally it falls to the right and bruises my right calf on the foot brake before scratching the right hand panels.

The apologetic driver helps pick up the bike and we exchange details, reg, name address and phone number.

I get the bike home, take photos of me left boot and the intersection in question.

Later, phone his number, wrong. Go to Wembley police station, name and address, wrong.

Get given a long form to fill in and send off.

So can anyone help track down a pale metalic blue Range Rover, reg YK55 WWZ?

Guilty of leaving the scene of a RTA with injuries having given false details.:slight_smile:

How crap is that…!!!
Money to buy a 25 grand car but more than likely none left over to insure it…

Thankfully you’re only miffed and not too badly injured.
Good luck with the manhunt.

Thanks mate seems like a bit of bruising and a sense of hate.:slight_smile:

Glad you ain’t hurt much - what a ****.

Hopefully someone who works in a dealership will do a check for you :wink:

The shi11y little maggots. What neck of the woods are you in so we can keep our eyes peeled?
Hope he gets caught and the cops throw the book at him.

Argh very sorry to hear of this, Chris, I hope you’re not hurt (sounds pretty nasty).

The good news is that the reg number is genuine and belongs to a Range Rover with insurance, so as long as it’s not been cloned you have enough details to set those specialist motorcylist lawyers onto them (can’t remember their name).

Makes me wonder why he bothered to stop at all.

These are the chaps. Tomorrow morning I would get on the phone to them first thing, cry ‘Havoc’, and let slip the dogs of war :cool:

Another good thing is it wasn’t your bike so you don’t have to wait ages for an insurance claim to be settled before getting yours fixed. Also, hopefully, as the accident wasn’t your fault, the excess won’t come into play (but I’m no expert on that).

Did you get any witness details?

That is terrible!

What a waste of space that git is for doing that.

May he reap what he sows…

Bloody nora … sorry to hear this Chris :angry: At least Julie wasn’t perched on the back must be the only consollation (attempt at a positive spin :D)

Dare I ask/have you thought far enough ahead … what happens in the immediate in this situation as far as the insurance excess is concerned? Are you expected to drop your hand in your pocket for the £1k / do they not release BB2 until you do / do you just pass Triumph the details of the offender and tell them to go after the b*stard (or is it not that simple - I’m guessing sadly not?)

Sorry to hear this and what a piece of excrement that driver was.

Hope you nail him.

Tis on the Insurance Database (ASKMID) and the tax ran out a couple of days ago (probably an oversight). Just get an decent ambulance chaser to sort it for you. As the driver has already commited an offence (failed to provide personal details i.e. name and address - all that is required at an accident) the insurers of the vehicle will already be at a disadvantage as far as liablilty is concerned.

Good luck

As others have said, really sh!tty! Hope the lawyers get it sorted and the vehicle hasn’t been cloned.

Opened this with some trepidation as I’m at work & misread the thread title as ‘Jetstream mildly milfed’ ! :smiley:

Sorry to hear about your mishap, good to hear you’re not too badly hurt & trust it all sorts itself out quickly & it’s not a case of plate cloning.

thanks for that.

tax run out … thats prob reason but as you say why stop …

sorry to hear this Julie … having to put up with the moping grumbly git at home …


Thanks for that Tim, but in fact he is being very brave and not (too) grumpy. The medication must be working. Thanks to all for the good wishes, at the moment revenge plotting is in progress but any further practical suggestions will be gratefully accepted.

Sorry to hear Jetstream. Hope everything pans out ok.

There’s some really sh1t driving out there these days.

Sorry to hear the news, if there’s owt I can do to help in any way?