Jetstream mildly miffed.

Ditto. Glad it wasn’t worse, hope they find the prick.

I won’t take the chance of this happening (touch wood) in the future. Always, always call the police, let them check em out.


hey thats my neck of the woods!! which T junction? eyes peeled!!i rushed out to check my neighbours range rover, not him.

I hope its not too sore in the morning Chris. x

Good Man!! Thanks for that.It was at the junction of Lightcliffe Rd & Hedge Lane.

Thanks Anita, & thanks for the phone consultation :kiss:

Well “Billy Ray” watch yer arse as I am:-

A. a Cumbrian.

B. an ex teacher with a propensity for dumbells.

The hunt starts here.:slight_smile:

Yeah, you got anthing more offensive than bolt croppers?:slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about that Chris!

Surely the number plate is enough to find the driver’s details or at least who is the registered owner of the car.

Good luck with it and GWS :slight_smile:

Thanks Garrett.

The police confirmed that the address given was not where the vehicle is registered, and he gave a false telephone number, so we are drawing some conclusions from that:ermm:

Very kind of you to think of me Chris:kiss:

Ouch:w00t: gws Chris

As a Cumbrian, can I suggest you limit your revenge to those directly involved :stuck_out_tongue:

aaarrrrrrrgh sh1tty news Chris.


Another Range Rover driving wannker. Too many of them about. Good luck in tracking him down.

Really sorry to hear about this Chris, best wishes for a speedy and successful resolution.

Gah! The world we live in, what’s it all about?

Heal soon, go get 'im.

Crappy new Chris. Hope you are feeling fine this morning.

When they find him, tie him up and stab him to death with a toothpick. :smiley:

Oh man thats a kick in the nuts more wine for you till you heal chris.

Ive got a hand hoaned smarai sword (for display of course) that would look great in your front room :slight_smile:

Might be an idea to start by finding out who actually is the registered keeper - you can do this (it is called “Information from records” and you have reasonable cause because the driver gave incorrect/incomplete information:-

Scroll down and read the .pdfs starting at “Enquiries by post”

Sorry to hear about this Chris, but it’s happened to me so I know what it feel like:w00t:

That’s proper, proper rubbish. I hope your leg’s OK.

At least the registration number’s genuine, too…

As has been said, it’s definitely time to cry ‘havoc!’ and let slip the dogs of war. :angry:

Thanks again ninjabob:)

Chris has gone off to his GP now and has the form to hand in to the police later today. They knew who the registered keeper was last night but obviously wouldn’t tell us. We will try the above as well.

Thanks everyone for the good wishes - he is a bit bruised and sore today but was able to drive the car. Not sure if he will get a bike boot on yet though. :pinch: