Jet Wash in SW London

Hi all,

I’ve just moved to Wimbledon where there are many car-washes and hand-washes for people with Chelsea Tractors, but no Jet Washes.

Anyone know of a garage with a Jet Wash near Wimbledon?

Thanks in advance,


Bucket and sponge mate :+1:

LOL, it’s what I’m doing at the moment, but I’d love to be able to jet my chain to get it really clear of grit etc…

I know the pain. I know a couple places north London but it’s out of your way. Most service stations like shell or BP that have car washes have jet washes you pay to use

Washing the CBF? He’s only been in here 5 minutes and he’s causing trouble already :wink:


Parkgate Road petrol station near Albert Bridge has one.

There’s a carwash place on meratum way in south wimbledon, near abbey mills and I’m pretty sure they have a Jetwash as well.

There is a Tesco (SM1 2NB) with a Jetwash on the A217 near Rose Hill… or a again on the A217 a BP Petrol Station (SM4 6AP) with a JetWash opposite Tooting and Mitcham United Football Club !!

Also one at BP garage  - 63-69 Sternhold Ave, London SW2 4PB. Used it a couple of weeks ago, definitely just a jetwash.

and the garage opposite Tesco on balham high road between tooting bec & balham has one.

Yeah, I’ve never understood why these are so few and far between in the UK. In France every little town will have them. Usually, if you are quick, you can hose off the worst dirt from a car for EUR €1.

Useful for attacking a bike’s chain.

is it good for the chain to spray it with high pressure water??


didn’t think so…



That’s Me Bolloxed Then I always jest wash my chain 

the shell garage on plough lane has one. Opposite Wimbledon stadium

I was under the impression that like other seals, the pressure could force water past the o rings?

Not that I’d know I’ve been using scotoillers for the last 20+ years & haven’t cleaned one in that time…

OH man, I need to look after my chain… you lot really know how to insert irrational fear into a slightly lazy biker lolz :-) 

Another last biker here… So scottoiler’s make a noticeable difference?