jeremy clarkson again

I’m Scottish and can’t see the problem but then again I ain’t a huge fan of Mr Brown !!

nothing to see here people, move along must be a slow news day.

So the man is a eejit that’s nothing new I don’t think it’s really news. I love Top Gear and think the guy is a great entertainer and a solid “man’s man,” however I don’t think he should be taken seriously. A stand up comic (even a famous one) will make far more offensive remarks but that is dismissed as comedy.

Clarkson has done nothing wrong FFS.

I can’t stand jonathan ross but he doesn’t deserve sacking either.

People need to get lives and stop being so bloody sensitive.

He is only telling the truth:doze:

no big deal, he is only saying wot a lot of us think.

i really cant see how gordon brown is still there, roll on the election if he ever gets the balls.

yes, i have to admit i do not understand british sensitivity, and political correctness is not an exact science, but i suspect usually only the gulllible and the dumb get caught by the political correct net, the hardcore racist, or those for racial genocide will always slip through, or even worshiped

Sky news interviewed a chap from the national blind society who demanded an apology from Clarkson FFS

Yes he’s Scottish and yes he has one eye…so what’s the problem.

The fact is Mr Brown has managed to make a right hash of the economy and someone has actually spoken their mind against him.

I’d actually like to thank Jezza for educating me.

I never knew Gordo had one eye and a whelk:D

He could have said a lot worse thing about brown, i think he got off lightly.:slight_smile:

Let’s break it down:

Scottish - correct
one-eyed - correct
idiot - correct
liar - correct

JC has spoken the truth, what is the problem?

The truth hurts to some people and it did to that scottish c**t.

I think Gordon Brown’s a nob:D.

stick that in the fookin news of the world!!!:w00t:


Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the UK where it is now against your own rights to speak the truth.

clarkson only told the truth about the UN-ELECTED prat, yet again the muppets crawl out from under rocks to whinge, well whats the world come to if you cant tell the truth ?

you’re damn right, woudn’t be surprised if it was made law in the near future: “only permitted to speak one’s mind if it doesn’t offend absolutely anyone in the slightest”!!

Where were the calls for apologies when Heather Mills was in the news and people were making jokes about her disability? OK, she’s a gold digger, but surely the same rules should apply? I just don’t understand what the fuss is about here, he has said nothing that is untrue, and what he has said is a lot less harsh than I hear everyday about the idiot that is running (or should that be ruining?) the country

Well we are not far off that where it comes to the government. You’re not allowed to protest anymore without permission after all…

you guys are so admirably “truthful”, just wonder if your will remain the same truthfulness all the time, and on every group of people:)