Japan Earthquake...

Such a tragic loss of life over there. My thoughts are with anyone who is impacted by this.

Please, no jokes or wordplay on here guys, it’s not the time or place. The full impact of what has happened is not quite hitting yet. This will have massive global repurcussions…

Heard it on the news this morning and just watching it on BBC now also.

Devastating - they say it is the worst on record.

Thoughts and condolences with the people of Japan - let’s hope there is some swift international assistance.

Not sure if im watching the news or the best ever episode of takeshi’s castle.

I’m going to hell I know.

All my jokes have disappeared… I thought they were quite good… I think LB is a bit too sensitive jokes are common place these days what with phones and texts and FB your going to hear or read them no matter what if you heard jimmy Carr bust out my knee high joke you wouldn’t phone channel 4 bets is you would probably laugh… I didn’t see the George Michael thread disappear even Mods were actively contributing to the input…

PM sent mate

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Wots all this PM stuff?.. can someone send me one :slight_smile:

Its a gay thing hence toby and flat-out are sending them…

I wouldn’t worry :wink:

Well let’s hope you and your family never get flattened mate. Sure if a major disaster happened in the UK or to any of our troops in Afghanistan we wouldn’t find it quite such a great laugh.

humans = insignificant little microbesR.I.P to those lost

Can’t beat a bit of gayness come the weekend

All I’ll say is, RIP to those who have gone and I hope those who have survived heal fast and get their lives back on track as best as possible. :frowning:

Much respect for the Japanese public who despite such environmental destruction, are still behaving so orderly and civilised.

Puts much of the world to shame.

the rabbit hole is very deep…and disturbing

truly shocking events in the last couple of days, and in such a high tech and highly developed country much of it was broadcast, and looked more like a blockbuster movie than a real life disaster.

Even those who are lucky enough to have survived are now faced with theyre homes, work places, families, friends gone, and the constant threat of more earthquakes, tsunamis and nuclear catastrophe.

i dont think words from any of us can comprehend the scale of it, but our thoughts are with those who are affected

Such awful events, been keeping up to date on all of it over the weekend, I mean how do go about rebuilding some of these places, where do you start, one of the coastal villages had all of it’s buildings completly wiped out, small population of about 17,000 and 10,000 are missing, such a tragic loss to a small community. The not knowing if your family members and freinds are ok must be terrible to deal with.

RIP to all who lost their lives :crying:

What I want to know is who had the bright idea of building nuclear power stations, and unprotected communities, on a stretch of coastline facing the infamous Japan Trench, which is a regular source of earthquakes and tsunamis?

This isn’t hindsight - there have been 12 major earthquakes in the region since 2005, and at least 22 tsunamis have been recorded there, so anyone could have predicted that this would happen at some point, especially after the 2004 experience in the Indian Ocean which resulted in more than a quarter of a million people losing their lives.

In this case the tsunami took an hour to arrive at land, and was around 35 feet high. Surely they had evacuation plans to get to higher ground, and sea walls and other measures to reduce the loss of life?

I know this is extremely tragic, but for me the real tragedy here is how relatively easy this could all have been prevented by a simple application of commonsense.I could understand the lack of preparedness of a third world country, but here we are talking about the third richest nation on Earth, with a GDP in 2010 (IMF figures) of $4.3 trillion - double that of the UK!Or am I being over-simplistic?

The footage I’ve seen on the news has just left me cold. It is harrowing that such event has had such a massive impact on a country that is so organised due to the earthquakes that it experiences.

It comes on the back of the earthquake in New Zealand, and all the unrest in the middle east. I’ve been shocked by so many events recently that have affected so many people that I know (I have friends in NZ and Kiwi friends here from Christchurch), that I’m now just numb.

Was in shock last time I posted on here.

Still reeling from the insensitive comments of some LB members on an earlier removed thread so was in two minds as to whether to post on this again.

My brother and his 8 month pregnant wife are trying to get away from Tokyo for a few days but looks like everyone is trying to do the same.

There is obviously no real control over the fate of the reactors and the next few days are critical.


Tis story genuinely made me chuckle though… you get weird storys like this,