Japan Earthquake...

Hope your folks are ok.

The devestation is horrific, the sight of the fishing town that has been totally flattened made me feel sick. The people are increadible, helping each other and behaving in a totally civilised fashion, they deserve immense respect.

Well. its becoming more and more apparent how much damage this is continuing to cause… and look how civilised they are being a opposed to some other countries that have had devastating events, shame the haitians didn’t see fit to act properly with consideration for their also suffering neighbours. Well done japan…

well where fked if the thames barrier dont work , look at us when we just get snow!!!

because of there strong discipline and tradational values, they are one strong bunch of peeps…

Imagine what would happen if the same happened on a USA coast line…drama,drama,drama for the americans.

what happens over here then oh sh t theres a wave comeing quick pull out those risk assement forms now where was we

Can’t remember where I read this but it made me smile given the situation

“A Japanese man gets knocked down seven times but gets up eight”

This is a country that is the third richest in the world and they’ve done it in 65 years after two nuclear bombs, if any country can pick themselves up Japan can. RIP to those lost.