Japan earth quake

every one should see this>>>

film from 2003


“every one should see this” -1. It’s half an amateur documentary about ionosphere radiation arrays. Relevance to the Japanese earthquake is that somewhere in this 9 mins of mishmash science someone says ‘earthquake’.

i guess nikola tesla was just a mishmash scientist?

Well that’s a bit harsh; certainly this video is.

Maybe I’m missing the point; what are you suggesting is going on between these videos and Japan?

KTMmartin (14/03/2011)

Maybe I’m missing the point; what are you suggesting is going on between these videos and Japan?[/quote/]

im just trying to point out that their is tecnology out there that could have caused the earthquake…

this technology is followed on from tesla’s work

The problem is StuntMartin that every time I see one of these things, I chase it down and what it comes to is this.

There is something unexplainable and the person on the other side wishes to convince you that their proposal is the truth…

Well if it was the truth, it wouldn’t be unexplainable.

The other thing with these types of documentary videos is that they use just enough science to make it tedious to explain why it is wrong.

For them, they have DVD sales to justify the tedium it took to get to the point they are at…where is my justification for proving them wrong? I am not going to write a book, and even if I did it would be tedious and dull and no one would want to buy it, since I couldn’t make wild inferences about aliens, space craft and machines that were capable of inflicting massive earth quakes.

Believe in what you want to believe, but I am sceptical and busy.

people will believe what they want to

but the guy who said he found hundreds of oil and naural gas wells with just 30 watts of power straigh into solid rock,and harrp could beam 100,000,000,000,00 watts i do believe that might just have an effect

but im no scientist

The video is the mismash of science, not the individual technologies of merit which it debases.

This video has had me scratching my head all day:

It was made on the 9th predicting there would be an earth quake! If it’s just a coincidence then it’s a bloody hell of a big one!

I don’t think it’s even a mismash of science, the narrator has plucked a few scientific words out of a dictionary and then tried to meld them together to create a video which will cause concern so making a name for himself . . . as a clown. Bit like the BBC do with cliimate change, earthquakes, nuclear power stations etc.

To suggest we can create earthquakes like this is simply silly, it requires too much energy and the right conditions at the same time. Even the Americans would consider this outside their power :wink:

If anybody wants a proper description of what is happening in Japan then have a look here: http://mitnse.com/2011/03/13/why-i-am-not-worried-about-japans-nuclear-reactors/


And now for something completely different… :DNews about the 2011 Motogp in Motegi

http://www.f1sa.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=27857:motogp-2011-motegi-race-postponed-following-devastating-japanese-earthquake&catid=27:motogp&Itemid=128P.S. Didn’t it just blow your mind when you heard that the earth’s axis had been permanently shifted by the Tsunami? Its just like a bad disaster movie!!

Apparently this earthquake shifted the entire main island of Japan 2.4 metres to the west, and increased the earth’s rotation by approximately 1.8 microseconds (making the day shorter by that amount). This is much less than the effect of the 2004 earthquake in Sumatra, which increased the rotation by 6.8 microseconds.

im sure every one knows more than tesla did :smiley:

infact he claimed to have caused an earthquake himself :slight_smile:

Do you ? I don’t. Tesla was one of the first people to describe AC power and radio waves and how you could transmit energy. . . clever chap back then.

Many of his ilk also had a nutty side . . . but you have to forgive them that because technology and lack of money simply didn’t enable them to test their ideas fully so some of their predictions now seem fanciful but back then were just logical extensions of what they believed would be possible.

Having done quite a lot of reading up over the last few days I found an article that describes the significance of the fuel rod pools. Most interesting, and worrying is that they are/were located at the top of the reactor buildings (i.e. the bit that was blown off in the explosion).


I found this pretty interesting and fairly alarming …

Some scary stuff!

Greg Palast is a very reputable reporter who writes for, or has written for: The Guardian, The Observer, The BBC, Guerilla News, and now Truthout.