ive been building a mk2 golf with a vr6 2.8 lump

i know its not a bike but for the past 6 weekends if been at my mates house doing a engine swap and widetrack conversion.

basically its swapping one shell for the other but with lots of mods, welding and shouting at bolts. its been great fun but not enjoyed the 9am start and 10pm finish being out in the cold the whole day.

were almost there now but heres the link to see the step by step build


Link is dead.

on your own then as no one else has had problems gettinh onto it in the other thread put 2 up at the same time

please delete this thread someone we dont need 2 of the same

Woww!! … That’s gonna be a properly nice car when you finish.

Hope you washed under your fingernails, and then vacuumed the carpet!

Good job mate - don’t forget to post up when you’re done. :slight_smile:

Mate up in Cumbria bought one of the last 500 Corrado’s, a nice blue Storm VR6. It was, as Richard Hammond said, “properly quick” and cornered like a mad thing. They went on to be “the drug dealer’s car of choice” apparently.

Enjoy it when you’re done, it’ll be a corker.

Wicked mate - I miss my VR6!

Well done guys!:cool:

When you have done that, would you please be kind enough to sort one of these for me?:cool:

wow that lotus looks like fun dont think we have that sort of money lol

The mini shall be next gonna take awhile to sorce the parts and a good shell.

What you’re doing with the mini? VTEC? K-series? Hayabusa? R1?

Too many possibilities :cool:

well after a 3 week break we got back on to it and got all the brake lines made up but as it was a late night job my mate got stressed and forced the union onto the bias valve which today resulted in a massive leak thanks to it being cross threaded. luckily i managed to line it up and get it to sit straight so we could bleed the lines and the clutch which too an age to do.

Its pretty much there now got bits to put back on sort out the constant priming fuel pump lack of fogs and horn. Heres afew pictures of the new dash finish he had done its been flocked and is a fuzzy finish feels like really short pile carpet and really hard to take pictures of.

heres the car running sounding great

and this is what the last 2 months has been leading up to i know its not far but its what weve been wanting to see since we started.

Looks great ! :smiley: Where’s the supercharger going :wink:

Had a VR6 Vento once and that was a quick car, the same lump in a Mk2 Golf should be quicker as the car is lighter.

That dash is gonna be a biatch to keep clean!! Typical womens comment I know, good work though :slight_smile:

if the tyres can handle it the car is gonna be mental and the next engine going in there will be a 1.8 turbo 400+bhp once hes got the 5k to do it all.

yeap cleaning it is a sod he’ll be using those sticking roller things all the time lol

Big old job that, nice work…

A friend of mine had a ride in a turbo VR6 recently, raves about it, just needs to find 5k to do his!

im a massive vee dub fan, had 3 mrk 2’s and a VR6, this is my latest work in progress from the volkswagen family…

its been big but taken a short time as we both have a good idea what were doing and if the one of us has a problem the other ends up sorting. just a shame its got to come to an end untill i get a mk2 oh yeah and my licence lol

cool van glad its not a chav special with all the options out of halfords

well the build had been on hold due to lack of money then the weather followed by the dvla but heres what all the work was for

I wonder if the VR6 lump would fit in a MK1 Golf GTI.

Golf Mk1 Vr6 has been done and some with turbos.

I had a Mk2 2.9 Vr6 with six speed g/box back in the late 90s.

Brought Mk3 Golf Vr6 a couple of years ago with intention to tinker about with but now into m/bikes, so thats taken a back burner.

Impressed with the o/p self build.