Another week has gone by and it’s time for BM again or Ace if your a pansy:P so who’s up for it?

…or curry night if you fancy it.

I’m up for the Ace on the way home

Will be at Borough later on! See you there :slight_smile:


Apart from BM Wednesdays are sh1t. 2 days since the weekend, 2 days til the weekend. Alas I wont be at BM tonight, got to see a man about a dog :wink:


Who’s turn is it to take the bullet for the team this time?;):D:D:D

I should be at BM tonight. Also am up for a curry night later this month, from the 22 onwards.

gotta get a new rear tyre…should be able to make BM :slight_smile:

Stand in the middle of the Ace and shout out that all bikers who frequent the Ace are ‘pansies’ and see how long you last ;):smiley:

got a video camera?:w00t:

Ill be at BMM too :wink: might even be up for a curry - we see :wink:

will be at BM from 8

I might pop down from about 7.30, too - last time there was hardly anyone there!

Borough and Curry . . . . . please explain!

Sounds good! are a few going to BMM tonight then heading over to Brick Lane afterwards. All welcome:cool:

Theres a few of us going for a curry in Brick lane tonight. Meeting in Liverpool street in a pub called the shooting star from 5ish and then headed off to the Lane around 7 for a yummy curry. All welcome :smiley: Appologies for the clash with BMM, but its the only evening me and bumblebee are in London area and well quite simply - we want a curry lol!

Plus the weather is [email protected], it’s persistently raining in Westminster at the moment, so leave the bike at home and come and have a few beers and a curry with Alice and Bumblebee before they take flight and head for OZ!! (no I’m not jealous at all, not one bit…) :wink: :smiley:

I’d pay good money to watch that :wink: I guess he aint got the balls :smiley:

as i said video camera:hehe: