ITS FINALLY HERE-the new meet!!!!!!!

Finally…the meet i’ve been waiting for…so far it looks dry and i might bring out the slingshot…

so out with the scabby Brazen shed and up with the boughro meet…

fan dabby dosie!!!

this is gonna be great!!!

exitetee smiled.

Easy Tiger - don’t wet your pants!!!

Take it easy on the way down dude and hopefully I’ll see you there safe and sound…

Christ shane are you feeling ok?

Yeah Shane…to complete a motorbike journey and pass your LB inititation, the bike needs to be upright, on two wheels and running normally, and you need to be in 1 piece.

Are you ready to give that a go… ?

oh great buddy, i shall be waiting for you when you turn up with your police escort!!! try not to set any cars alight with your backfires

Have fun guys, sorry I’m not going to be able to make it.

Loops and me will be there ariving infront of Grim and Debz

you gona pull your finger out and get down there before 8.00!!

I thought loopy liked finger-in???

i dont think i should of eaten that whole pack of jammie dodgers…

sorry bout that…

suga smiled.

See you all there girls and boys! Let everyone know to come. They don’t have to be LB members…

What time is everyone getting there for?

Normally people get there from 6 onwards - but are we still meeting at Cubana and getting taken down there (just think it would look cool to all turn up at once and take over the place???)

I’m aiming for 19:30 to hit the bus lanes at the right time.

Now you’re retired don’t you get free bus travel…

I work right next to Borough tube station - don’t want to be hanging around for you lot on me tod. If anyone wants to meet up for a coffee PM me Non-psycho’s may only apply

I fink I’m gonna cry … 8 more sleeps till new bike collection day so I can’t join in the revelry tonight

Hope you all have a great time and see you all soon…sniff…sniff

I’ll be popping along for my first meet with you guys. I will be Billy no mates so please say Hello, I abit Shy!!

I will try to to be there from 6pm - 6:15pm, that is of course whether the dawgs have wrecked the house.

Happy days people - happy happy days!

Can’t make it now - gotta go to Essex to collect my bike

Have a good one guys - I’ll see ya Friday or next week