Italian drivers

Having seen them in their natural habitat, it all becomes a lot clearer :slight_smile:


I for idiots
D for dangerous

That is my take on reg plates (drivers) abroad lol

Only time a coach driver has attempted a cheeky undertake on me!

Bunch of softies in this country… :smiley:

So what if we drive while talking on our phone, cigarette in one hand, coffee in another and watching TV at the same time? We’re just better at multitasking

(real story from taxi ride in Athens…)

You can spot the foreigners in Italy. They indicate.

I still think the Belgium’s are the worst drivers, least the Italian’s were predictable in their chaos :slight_smile:

^^agree with that

In Belgium it’s signal and manoeuvre simultaneously and don’t make eye contact when you move back over two weeks later cos you’ve seen all the gestures. I love ltaly, Milano is great for car filtering and the drive from Switzerland to Genova on my way to Corse was one of my most memorable blasts, especially finding somewhere shady to park for lunch so all my Swiss chocolate wouldn’t melt in the 40 plus heat. Only country worth the tolls l say.

We could write a book about how brits love to fucking queue, say please, sorry and thanks every 3 words and drive like retards on the motorway… I´m sure doctors have theories already. I´ll pick this up tomorrow and elaborate ;D

Did you meet any Italian drivers in the rain? One day in Livorno we saw crashes every 50 yards as they just couldn’t cope.

Italian drivers aside… someone please tell me why on the motorway in this country people do not give 3 craps about the rules, how is it that I am overtaking at 85 to 90 mph on the right lane and then when I’m trying to come back to the middle lane there is cars overtaking people on the left lane at 100mph? or just using the middle lane as the fast lane really, or when the traffic slows a bit, say 60 mph, people just forget about the rules and start to change lanes wildly? I had quite a few scares yesterday on the way back home, but I keep seeing this behaviour every time I get on the motorway. Is it perhaps that people on the privacy of their cars they let their true nature dominate them?

J Does it rain in Italy? Thought that was why Italian cars and bikes don’t do well here as they will rust when wetted

re motorways, it isn’t part of the driving test and learners aren’t allowed on the motorway, so very very few people using them have ever been taught the rules, or have ever read them let alone understood them. Ridiculous but true.

keep you wits about you, in front or behind, never beside, your horn is useless and speed is your friend.

Technically wildboy, you don’t give a crap about the rules either… 85-90 is above the speed limit :smiley:

Learn something new everyday. I too thought Italian signs were mph

From my experience over there, so do most Italians.

But for anyone who thinks that the Italians or Belgians are the worst in the world - you really ought to visit Marseilles, makes rush hour Naples look like a pleasant afternoon’s drive out by RoSPA’s Quaker sub-section…

As above the main issue with motorway driving in the UK is it’s not part of the test which is the most idiotic thing in the entire world. As soon as you pass your test you can drive on the motorway without ever having driven on a motorway in your life. Unbelievable.

In The Netherlands, motorway driving is compulsory in your lessons and on your test, same in Germany. Which explains why when you drive on the motorway in those countries people observe lane discipline and move out of your way if you are approaching them at speed. In The Netherlands if move into the outside lane and inhibit a motorist who was blatantly speeding you get marked down, if you sit in the outside lane when you are not overtaking you get marked down, if you join the motorway at 50mph when it’s clear you get marked down as when it’s clear you must join at 70.

You have to learn all of this because if you don’t you won’t pass your test. Why it’s not the same in the UK I can’t comprehend.

@Serrisan only from a brief moment and to make sure I have a secure distance before coming back to the middle lane :stuck_out_tongue:

I had no idea about the motorway rule… I’m a suprised, in Spain it’s a must during your practices and examiner might take you on the motorway on test day.

There is not a perfect driver but UK drivers tend to be respectful most of the time, hence why I’m so shocked with the motorway driving style