Is your job repetative?????

I generally sit for 7 hours and do the same kind of task well 3 variations of it and I have to try and mix and match as much as possible to stop myself going mad! Anyone else do mundane tasks all day and struggle to keep awake? lol

My is very repetitive as well Terry! But fortunatelly I can move around and take a few brakes whn I CAN! Right now! I’m really busy this week and read LB is only on a brake time or lunch like now!

Doesnt it just do your head in sometimes!!! aaghhhh long for a different thing to do lol!


ive been trying to get outa here for past 7mths!!

Been doing this 9 months now. Data entry what do u do fella?

[Day Job] Is cool I get to design art work all day and surf the net whenever I want to but the company I work for just doesn’t do graphics and the graphics side has become very slow so im look for a new job somewhere else want the challenge back.

[Night job] Being a doorman is cool, different people, different girl always fights while listening to good music and the fools pay me for it, only feels repetative on the very quite days (3days of the week) but after having two months off it felt good going back

What design place do you work in? I used to be a graphic designer got made redundant havent found work in that field since?

What club mate? Free entry for LBers?

Mine is. Sitting in an office all day has its advantages. Tea, coffee, food always available but you do long to get out when the sun shines. Something different to break it up.

I’ve been told we are being monitored by IT for Internet usage. Screw it, if I didn’t look at sites like these, ebay etc I’d go mad. As long as the job gets done I don’t think it matters… but if they worked out how much time I spend doing this I think they wouldn’t need much excuse to get rid of me

I monitor CCTV all night,about 80 screens six days a week ,you get the odd distraction with pissed up people getting up to some silly things,but its mostly ,watching and waitingzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I have probably the most exciting job in the world.

Test pilot for airfix.

On top of repetitive I work on the basement and have no windows! My ork is not hard but I depend on other people feed me with information so I can deal with it, and that is the pain!

Its a small company in NW London, I want to make a move to a Soho company is where a designer should be, tonnes of media companies there.

BTW being allowed to play the Xbox is a sweet bonus I finished Halo at work

FREE ENTRY hmm on any day other than Fri and Sat its possible just PM me and let me know your coming, the clubs in Leicester Sq

I count beans. Need I say more? Oh, and I love it! Best bits are the paydays!

Ha ha ha ha …Weaver…my Careers Officer sent me to “An Engineering Job”…

“you,ll fail” he told me “you,ll come to nothing”…

I went there …foreman says…“you count 20 nuts and then you count 20 bolts and then you put them in a box” I asked him “what do I do then” he said “start again”.

I left after a few of my more colourfull “Eastend Sayings” I was outta there and it ended instantly.

Years later these two “Einsteins” walked in to a pub in Regents Park on a Teachers Inset Day"

(jolly boys piss up)…

I barred the f**king both…guess who owned the pub !!..they left calling me allsorts and went in the pub across the road…

I f**king barred them from there too, ““shame””…another one of mine !!..guess who came to nothing at 23 !!!

I feel privelaged

I work for myself and not one single day is the same, quoting/invoicing/fitting/selling/advertising/capitalising/dodging/shirking/avoiding/calling

And earning

I would rather earn £10k a year and work for myself than £20k working for someone esle

Really? I’d rather earn a million working for myself, than twenty grand working for someone else!

I’d rather win the lottery and not work at all. 17 million this Sat!!! It’s a Rollover.

I’d rather win the lottery and not work at all. 17 million this Sat!!! It’s a Rollover.

My Dad got me my first job at 16, I changed gas bottles all day at a fabrication plant, the novelty wore off after a week or so, I binned it and to my surprise they gave me two weeks money, result (Dad was less than pleased) from there to a storeman at the north mid hosp, the job wasn’t much but went out with a different nurse each week and they had a great subsidized bar, spent the best part of 6 months pickled each and every lunchtime. (Arrrh, fond memories).

Joined the Army 6 glorious year, then Ambulance Paramedic for 14, bit of night school/ Open University and moved into networks for the money, been doing it ever since.

Never really had a job I didn’t like, and when one looked like it was going that way, I just changed it.

Cheers Mark.