is LB the most open, knowledgeable site on the web.

For bikers site i have to say that the mix of people and the knopwledge on here is quite astounding…no matter the subject there is always someone who has real knowledge…I have never seen this on ANY other forum…not even the political ones I sometimes find myself on.:Whistling::w00t:

Too right 2strokes! Some bike forums I’'ve been on seem to have an unhealthy proportion of knuckle dragging right-wing morons. :w00t:

I guess it reflects the fact that we’re Londoners/London orientated - it comes with being sophisticated and cosmopolitan like our great city. :wink: :smiley:


am with you on that…

Agreed, we are a diverse lot!

Personally, I’m a close-minded, ignorant Ar$ehole, but then I suppose that puts me in the “diverse” range… :slight_smile:

And a pretty articulate lot too. Well, most of them, most of the time.

Ayup. :smiley:

I think this site is great - I came here before I’d even touched a motorbike, and thanks to the vast knowledge and selfless help offered, I’m where I am today.

Sorry I don’t feel its the best for info. I have watched many ‘views’ but no ‘replies’ to certain GSXR questions. I just save them for the gixer website I use and get a pretty instant response.

I do find LB good for London local news and random funnies. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just by being on this forum and reading all the information on bikes and riding … i feel much more comfortable with being out on the roads riding! and if there ever has been an issue …there always seems to be someone who can help.

So i would like to thank all londonbikers for the efforts and advice!!!


Just my point, someone has real knowledge about the best place for Gixxer information…proves my point entirely…

I agree entirely, plus there is also the fact that there are no shortage of people here that will enlighten you to when you are being a moron to yourself and others without the need for anyone taking real offence. Unlike one or two other sites I have visited.

Keep it up guys, you really have entertained me during my time indoors adn off work.

I think i can say on behalf of the team here at LB that we’re really glad your all enjoying the site.

Alot of hard work goes into the day to day running of this place and just this simple thread makes it all so worth while.;).

thanks for being here guys.:D.


I’d have to say an emphatic ‘no’ to both.

Both? Now Im confused and just before bed is not a good time, come back quick and ellucidate or youll have a sleepless couple on your concience.:slight_smile:

Hmm interested to know why you think that…especially after just 4 posts…

I think he means open and knowledgeable, i know its a bit late but you can at least get to sleep now.
( its the title of the thread )

I’ve been on here for just over a year now and have made some fantastic friends, and have also had some great debates and had loads of questions answered. :smiley:
I think The amount of knowledge on this site is amazing! Whether it be advice on riding skills or what gloves are the most recommended, there’s always a lot more constructive advice than negative advice! This is what makes it a great site! The fact that you get both sides of the coin when it comes to advice. Also, that it is being given by people from all walks of life! :wink:
Well done all the staff and members of LB for making a great website/fraternity! I’m very proud to be a member! :cool:


I’ve also been a member just over a year, infact myself an RR went to the same newbie night, and he’s probably regretting meeting me ever since! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have met some great people on this site, and the depth of knowledge on this site is breath taking. If you ask a question you will get not one, but several relies, you ask about an opinion on a subject you might get a couple of dozen responses.

There have been highs and lows, people coming together to help, individuals helping others.

LB is not for everyone, but I have found a home here.

I actually joined in the good old days when Cezar was still the head honcho, but went abroad for a while and forgot my login as had a new PC. Carried on lurking, and eventually signed up again. There have been many changes, but the knowledge hasn’t improved, in fact, quite the opposite; it’s quite scary what advice, both legal and mechanical, people give here, when in the olden days there were plenty of peeps who were experts and usually only they replied.

It’s never been open, but very cliquey and intolerant of opinions outside the mainstream. It’s changed a bit, but it’ll never be as inviting to non crotch rocket riders as several other sites.