Irrational biking fears

OK, so everyone at some point gets scared of highsiding, lowsiding, losing grip, potholes, diesel, taking a corner too fast and so on. But what about those irrational fears?

I was merrily riding along a few months ago, when I suddenly snapped to and thought: “What would happen if one of the conrods directly under my bum started making its way up through the engine?” It made me proper wary for a few minutes before I told myself I was being ridiculous.

I must also admit to being petrified of a bee getting into my lid - that’s the stuff of nightmares!

What ridiculous biking phobias do other LBers have?

I’m worry about you mate…:w00t:

“What would happen if one of the conrods directly under my bum started making its way up through the engine?”

Now I know! :hehe:

C’mon Pavel, there must be something - something ridiculous that creeps into your mind on a long, boring motorway journey… :stuck_out_tongue:

(Nice to meet you at BM, by the way!)

I must also admit to being petrified of a bee getting into my lid - that’s the stuff of nightmares!

Yep i live with that fear all summer long…how do you think i got my name?:crazy:

its always me… ive had so many wasp stings on my face and ears over the years most normal people would’ve given up bikes lol…though my worst fear is actually having a spider run across the inside of my visor…Now that would freak me out!!!:crying:

i always look inside my helmet before i put it on, for those spiders… give it a good check, then pop it on and hope for the best… :w00t: im so scared of wasps or bees cos im allergic to them, so i dont need the added hassel of one attacking me whilst riding… solution: visor down or ever so slightly open if i cant breathe…:stuck_out_tongue:

what i have had a fear of lately, is of all the bikers “witch hunting” there seems to be about… im just scared of moving objects that cant flipping see me and think a knocking me off my bike will make their day!!

When I commute to work at silly o’clock in the morning or late at night and it’s dark across Chobham Common, my biggest fear is hitting one of the Bambi’s that run across the road in front of me…

I’ve had a few run out now and I’ve been able (or lucky enough) to miss them…

Oh… and I don’t like Wasps either… except the leather working type, of course… :slight_smile:

I sometimes worry about my front tyre blowing out when Im at 140 or above on long motorway runs…No worries about the back tyre and none about the front sub 140…Too much time to think on motorways…:slight_smile:

haha ive had a few bees and wasp’s in my lid just stop and get it out. i dont think about that stuff i worry when it happends.:smiley:

I have an irrational fear of tunnels… oh, wait a minute…

Only you could get away with saying that John !! lol :w00t:

YEP me too worried about the bees and wasps, I thought aghh one in my helmet, I have also been told about ones that get caught under your neck and when they sting they bury themselves in your skin!! nice!! now thats two things to worry about with bees and wasp… (make sure you carry your adrenaline pen with you!!! for those that are allergic)

I also worry about finding a lower part of the road or misjudging and falling (stacking) off and looking like an idiot :w00t:


i dont really…

i just ride, i’m concious of what can happen…but i dont worry about it, bikes are life to me…

the other word that you may be seeking in some instances is FEEL…for what the tyres are doing, the bikes doing, what gear its in etc

getting to this stage will only come from riding and riding…once you do have that feel …well you be surprised at what you can save when it does go bit wrong…

less what if, do it in places you should, junctions, etc anticipate but donr be paranoid be confident and it will show in your riding:)

oh hold on…Tankslappers at silly speeds are a worry…nearly killed me once…you didnt succed ya bastid!!:w00t::smiley:

wasps…bees…not a problem neck is always covered by a buff style neck scarf and visor is down 99% of the time:D

I have a fear of my ex-wife waiting on the M25 to do a SMIDSY on me whilst I’ve still got £250k life insurance and only the kids (and hence her indirectly) to leave it to…

…which is irrational as she wouldn’t get away with it, so she’d get one of her brothers’ druggy friends to bop me on the head on the way back from the pub.

The only ones I worry about are the rational ones - all the usual stuff -particularly mechanical failure/blow out at high speed.

I’d just worry about the concrete rational stuff rather than the more esoteric possibilities.

I was always worrying about flipping a wheelie, at least I can get on with life now;)

Having recently put my bike back together, “Did I tighten that bolt?” goes through my mind a lot. Moreso since I found 2 engine mountings had vibrated themselves out! Loctite here we come…

Steep downhill bends - I got one on my commute home but I won’t change my route coz I wanna get used to it - turning so tight whilst pointing downwards give me a feeling like I’m not gonna get round the corner, but I always do…

Blind bends on narrow country roads is another - what if there’s a blerdy great Land rover coming round it??? On a couple of occasions, there has been! Luckily, coz I was thinking about it I’d already adjusted my speed and position, so is that irrational fear or reading the conditions right?

Oh, I did have a thought the other day about what would happen if my front wheel fell off :smiley: Then I got passed by a Street Triple and that took my attention off to daydreaming about owning one :smiley:

totally know that feeling. :slight_smile: