Introducing RaceBikeManager 2008

Hi everyone,

New guy here, dues duly paid in the Newbies section but with the kind permission of the Moderators, I’d like to bring your attention to RaceBikeManager 2008, a charity fund-raising fantasy race bike league.

Details are available in the News section here:

On behalf of the team at RaceBikeManager, a massive ‘thank you’ goes out to Jay for letting us tell you about the game on the forum. All donations will be shared equally between the Association of Air Ambulance Charities and Riders for Health.

Please spare a few minutes to view the News report, then come on over to our site and register today. Oh, and spread the word on any other bike forums you frequent - the more the merrier!

Thanks in advance to you all. :slight_smile:

RaceBikeManager 2008

wow loooks amazin, i’d of been more than happy too pay for this! can’t wait til its all up and running, already got my team picked out :smiley:

Looks good, like Curtis, I too am interested in seeing it kick-off :slight_smile:

Thanks for the very positive feedback, Curtis … it’s great to hear that we’re on the right track. :smiley:

Please spread the word and get as many mates as you can to register and challenge them to compete against you in your own Mini League, as well as the main competition.



Well I’ve signed up:D

already signed up as well, just gotta wait for season to start and decide whose worth a punt on £30 mill might sound a lot but over all those classes it aint, but Im still gonna win :slight_smile:

Mini Leagues can now be set up, so who’s going to organise the London Bikers’ league? :slight_smile:

Real easy to do - just get someone to choose a name and create the league, then invite all the rest to join. Or others can request permission to join … simple!

Thanks Falcon.

ChunkyMonkey gets my vote. Where are you CM!?

I don’t mind giving it a bash as long as i can play too:)

Signed up…ready to rock! :D:

I’ve created a mini league for any LB members wishing to join up.

go to

Look for under Mini Leagues:)

Good Luck:cool:

Whats the password???

You have to register to join a league!!

Joined on to the LB group!!

ya sex life dont interest us chunks lmfao :stuck_out_tongue:

The password is : victory

it’s you and me now chunky

You know what one is then?:P:D

Cheers M’Dears, All joined up :wink:



I’ve joined and the LB league :cool: Shame theres not a superstock class on there as i coulda bought myself for 50p :hehe: