Introducing RaceBikeManager 2008

hmmm when can we select our team? They should take Youngy out the wss before they start though as he’s not defo riding in bss again with embassy.

Good to see you on board mate:)

I’m not sure when we get to select the teams , probably waiting for confirmation of teams.

I’m in :slight_smile:

Not gonna get much work done this week, I’ll have to work out my team instead!

Come On!!!:smiley:

Are you ready, race fans? :smiley:

RaceBikeManager 2008 team selection is now ‘live’ so log on immediately to begin choosing your riders. Check out the RBM Racing News for the latest on rider form during the final pre-season tests and start the season-long race to be the winner of our fabulous first prize of a weekend for two at the 2009 MotoGP in Jerez, courtesy of PolePositionTravel.

Remember, you can make unlimited changes to your line up over the next couple of weeks but your team selection will be frozen at midnight on Thursday 21st February ready for first WSB race of the year that weekend in Qatar.

The first transfer window opens on 1st April and closes at midnight on Thursday 3rd April. We will be sending out reminders by Private Message and e-mail, so make sure your account is set to receive them.

Before you reach the Team Selection pages, you will be given the opportunity to make a voluntary donation to our supported charities. We hope you’ll take a few minutes to read about the great work they do and give generously to both.

Riders for Health are saving lives daily in regions where motorcycles offer the only means to get speedy medical care to those who need it.

The Air Ambulance trusts need little introduction but need constant financial support to keep them airborne. The next life they save could be yours.

If you’re running a Mini League, now’s the time to chase up your players. Get them to sign up and pick their teams soon!

Bumpety Bump:)

Just to give everyone else a chance I’ve only entered my team today :Whistling:

Or should I say I’m a bit dumb and thought I’d already submitted my team when I hadn’t :crazy:

:D:D: HaHaHa I thought i was the LB numpty…guess I was wrong, hands over the crown to the king LB numpty look after it :):slight_smile: