Insurance time again


Looking to upgrade my bike to a new CB1000R, but am really struggling with insurance. Coming it at around £950 (2 years no claims, in a flat car park) without my no fault crash 2 years ago. But adding in that crash takes it up to £2.4k which is insane.

Tried Bikeinsurer, Carole Nash etc. Anyone know any other reasonable sites? I just can’t seem to find anything reasonable this year.


Good luck with that. Insurance has gone crazy this year. I have a 650 Burgman, insured for courier use. Last year TPFT was £300, my renewal in Dec was £657. I tried to shop around and couldn’t find anything less than £1100 so I went back to my existing insurer. They are a small broker in Loughton, personal service and all that, Traders and General on 020 8519 5950. Give them a try.


I used wicked quotes for me, although I have 3rd party fire & theft which comes in at £160 this year for the bandit. (I’m outside of London however.)

They seemed the cheapest a couple of years ago when I switched.


I’d say at £950 you are doing well.

I’m paying similar, for similar conditions (new Ducati, locked in a shared flat car park) but I have over 20 years NCB with no claims ever.

Last year the only insurer who would take me on was Ducati themselves, through Ramisis (or however you spell it) but they insistedI install a BikeTrac, which I did. Having done so, they then declined to re-new this year.

Luckily Carole Nash were willing.

One thing I learnt. Some insurers regard a shared car park as no safer than parked on the street. This is obvious nonsense as I’ve owned new Ducatis, garaged safely in my building, for the last 20 years without incident. It wouldn’t last twenty minutes on the streets near me.

Check the aggregator web sites, some don’t drill down into the detail, some just offer the options ‘on street’ and ‘garaged’. You will not be lying if you tick ‘garaged’ - it being the only option, and your bike is indeed garaged.


The £950 is not available. That was the initial when I was checking and forgot to put in the crash.

So annoyed a no fault crash that I kept my no claims bonus means all the good insurers just flat out refuse to insure me. It is the tipping point where suddenly it jumps to £2.4k and I can’t risk taking the insurance and lying and leaving out the crash.

I am in Milton Keynes now, in a nice area. Ironically I moved here to get away from London due to the crazy insurance prices in London. But they seem to be spreading now.

Annoys me as well. Although it is a shared car park, the bike is literally outside my window, underneath a camera by the main entrance with a ground anchor. Probably the safest place I have ever kept it.


I was with Cornmarket aka Surety, the IAM’s preferred insurer for for about 12 years. They used to do very competitive rates for people that had passed the IAM Advanced Motorcycle test. They also quote for people that have not passed the advanced bike test, but it does cost more. Their customer service is excellent, and for those of you who know me being a bit of a Mr Consumer (complainer) you’ll realise that is a very high compliment. They are on 02890 332111.


Yup, my postcode crucifies me. The building is secure [says he, touching wood] but the insurers look at the postcode and run away in horror.


I’d suggest you call them back, ask to speak to the underwriter and then state all the factors you believe makes you a worthwhile risk.


When trying to insure OH’s Indian,we couldn’t find anything under £5000 he had one theft 4.5yrs ago but most wouldn’t give a quote we went through tons of comparison sites and found ASDA quote system and came up with Go Skippy terms and conditions not bad, no problems with arranging came in at £1600.00 everything from breakdown to legal etc.

Worth a try better than not riding!!!
PS we do have trackers but parked on a locked driveway at mo to be honest having the tracker didn’t provide the discounts we were lead to believe but for piece of mind it is worth the monthly subscription.


Been with Cornmarket/Surety for a few years now, found them to be beat everyone else, despite having a Romford postcode, a couple of fault past incidents and only on drive parking. However, I have done my IAM test and I’m only insuring a ~£2k older Fazer’s TPFT. Nonetheless - for the last 3 years I’ve only been paying between £140-180 quid, with £250 excess, 10k yearly mileage and full class 1 business use! (they give you this in case you ever do IAM observing).

It seems if you have any bike a reasonable amount or at all sporty, you’re just gonna get raped on insurance these days in London.


Back when I had 5 no fault claims on my policy the only insurer that would give me a decent quote was MCE. But it really depended on the day and who you spoke to. And you had to make it clear it was no fault… Often they just made loads of mistakes.

Can’t recommend them as an insurer. They did get me money when I had a crash (just bike from a farm) but it took a while to convince them o had a claim against a non vehicle. It all depends who you speak to, just like with quotes

I also had 3pts at time but lived in Epsom, garage and had 2 non sport 600ccs. This was around about 2012-13


Been thinking and my plan today is to put insurance on hold and rather leaflet the area. Will spend tonight putting a leaflet through every house with a garage asking if I can rent one.

Would be worth paying the £50 a month or whatever as will save insurance, plus keep bike out of the rain etc. Then try insurance again, with or without a garage


Note the small print on garages…

…you will keep your vehicle in your private locked garage or building, at your home address, to which only you and anyone with your permission have access.

I read that as a shared garage would not be your private locked garage…


Devitt were the only ones to give me a decent price last time round.
I live in a high risk area and have a no fault, no claim listed.
Bizarrely when I went to remove my Business Class 1 requirement it either made no difference or put the price up.


Mine runs out in 2 days so I ran some quotes and, as every single year, only MCE comes up for me (Central London, sportsbike, duh). However, to my surprise I ended up paying only £320 for TPFT in comparison to £680 that I paid last year. Have 5 NCB now and not commuting so that must bring it down. Rather happy with the reduction in premium.


Advice for everyone: put your renewal date in your calendar with an alarm to remind you 30 days in advance.

30 days is the max you can get quotes in advance and just like surge pricing on budget airlines, your quote will increase as you near the renewal date.

I discovered this one time because I saved a quote and returned to it two weeks later to try and reduce it by removing cover. Instead of reducing, it actually went up, so I put the items of cover back on, it went up again. I logged out, cleared cookies and cache, logged back on and got the saved price.


good news on my insurance this year i got it doen £400 quid!.. its now only £2100 3NCB


Fuuuuuuuck! So glad I live outside the M25.


I only commute in 4 days a week now but that seems to make a big difference to my premium

At 22 when I took out the policy with a rider fault write-off then 2 1/2 years ago, I am currently paying about £400 on a TDM900 and I think I told them I do 14000 miles. This probably isn’t too far from the realistic value now, maybe 20% out.

Just looked at how much it’s likely to cost me this May (now 23, obviously) when it’s due again and it’s looking to be around £370. I’m quite happy with this. I live in Kent but commute into London so postcode is probably keeping it down with the IAM. I don’t think the IAM actually does anything to it

I looked at a 2013 KTM 1190 Adventure, £1400, and a 2010 VFR1200F £1300. (both for the cheapest mid-miler non-write offs I could find on the ebays). I’d like to own these bikes but not enough to part with the extra cash and put up with the added depreciation and risk of theft.

Would it be the end of the world to ride something other than a sporty bike? My TDM is very comfortable, fun when I want it to be, highly undesirable. It’s no slower than any other bike when it’s -3 outside and treacherous conditions.

The fastest biker I’ve seen this last week was a guy who really knew how to hustle a Deuville. Not very sexy though, but I bet he doesn’t worry so bad about it getting nicked.

Or, could you buy a used one - even nearly new, with a lower value, and then hopefully you’d be insuring something of lower value?

But I get the frustration I really do, you work hard want to treat yourself a bit and get royally shafted by insurance. If it’s your dream bike, and you wouldn’t be on the breadline after insuring it, shop around till you can get it for £1800 insured or so and just go for it. You can’t take the money with you and you’d probably still be saving money and time on the train… maybe


Bloody hell what are you insuring?