Insurance time again


I don’t have any of those things that make insurance a high risk. I have a group B postcode, I ride an old low value less desirable to thieves bike, its kept in a garage, I don’t commute, I don’t use it for business, I don’t ride during peak hours, I now ride less than 10,000 miles per year, I have a clean driving licence (in bold because its the first time in almost half a century I’ve had no endorsements on my licence). I don’t have ride other bikes option, legal cover, breakdown, NCB protection or any other premium add ons. My fully comprehensive premium has come in at under £100 per year for the last 5 years.

Did I mention I don’t have any endorsements on my licence?

Link to check your postcode group


Here’s a way to possible reduce your premium, take out just 10 months cover and you get one years NCB every 10 months! Never knew that was a thing, found it here


F* for me :laughing:


We temporarily moved into London E17 a couple of years back and we was F***** too :frowning:


Yup - I’m on that type of policy for my car. Incidentally it’s not really working out more expensive than a 12 month one (maybe a few pounds overall?)
Haven’t seen them around for bikes though


Very interesting, thanks.

What I don’t understand is “any motorcycles in areas D, E or F must be garaged in a locked and secured building whilst at the policy holders address.” yet on my street there are bikes kept permanently in the on-street bike bay. How do their owners get insurance?


@Michael748 Attention to detail look for the stars. Its only the D*, E* & F* areas that motorcycles need to be garaged. That said E17 is F* but I got The Bonne insured as left on drive (specified as a gated front garden). I’d guess its horses for courses and each insurer will take a different view on the individual circumstances.


we pay over £2k for it…


Well on the plus side, managed to get insurance sorted. In a storage shed and only extra £280.

Downside is I got mugged on Friday by two scrotes with a carving knife.

So now I am not sure about the upgrade as I am a little nervous about the crime in the area.


What!? Jesus. Bad luck dude.


Holy shit. Phone? Cash?

Hope you are okay.


Yeah all fine. Just a bit shook up. Two guys with a carving knife took my phone, watch and wallet. Didn’t touch me at least so just lost cash and stuff.

Just makes me think the area I moved to is not as safe as I assumed, so 2nd guessing the merits of a shiny new bike.


Really sorry to hear that Ryan.


Really sorry to hear that. Have you cancelled all your cards and stuff?


God damn, thankfully you’re alright! What area is it?


I just had my insurance renewal through.
Last year it was the first bike I’d had in three years but Bemoto honoured my NCB and I was paying £330 a year fully comp for my Street Triple.
Just had the renewal through and it’s dropped to £190 this year for the same cover :sunglasses:


I live in a “Refer” post code. The Bandit is kept in a locked garage but not at my address. But TPFT was still only £75 last time. My cars don’t seem particularly expensive to insure either. The advantages of age, I guess, but I had six points at the time


Expect a hike to maybe £90 when you get your hands on the 1250


I might just be able to stretch to that - it’s probably what the 650 is worth


That 650 is priceless