If You Weren't Limited By The Law

…loudest can ever!. :w00t::hehe:

Fit stabilisers, front and rear :Whistling:


pink neons under the fairining and racing stripes…fluffy pink handlebars

Limited by the law?..

Why cant you just strap a turbo on your ZX10 with open dump pumps screaming at 110db and putting out about 300 bhp…like mine:

…this is an older pic!

Loud can, no number plate.

I would ride exactly the same…like a [email protected]:smiley:

The same kit as Bond’s Aston DB5. All of it.

helicopter rotors… perfect for avoiding london traffic…

oh hold on this was if not limited by law rather than mechanics!

110db? Your bike is girly :smiley:

Obviously…its red! :stuck_out_tongue:


+1!!! Oh yeeeeaaaaahhhh…

why? having a good sounding can and a loud can are totally different, if you have a v loud can i bet after a few miles it would be changed.

we used to cut the exhausts short and jubilee clip a can on the end with a few holes, wot a good idea at the time and made every car alarm go off when you go past.

or just stick 1 on a stock bandit 1200



ben hur type blades on the wheels specially for cyclists and daydreaming pedestrians.

errr…no! I think i’ll stick with the spondon instead of the highly rare “bandit streetfighter”…! :stuck_out_tongue:

:blush: ah, bollocks!

pretty much like yours! :smiley:

no, you’re confusing me with someone else - my bollocks are pink.

an anti tamper system which fried the toerag messing with it.

I’d just need something to remind me to turn it off before climbing on.

oh, and flashing blue strobes for clearing a path through the traffic and scaring twits on phones.